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Ep 01 Danny and JessiCast The Duck Feeding Metaphor of Politics

September 27, 2015

Danny and JessiCast episode 1 features a comparison metaphor that compares feeding the ducks with being on one side of an idea. The conversation focuses on the knowledge that feeding ducks is a treasured memory for many families. Even though we know the bread we feed the ducks negatively affects the quality of the life of the animals.

Looking for more details on that? Here's a great source

Is it good to feed waterfowl?

No, artificial feeding is actually harmful to waterfowl.

Artificial feeding of waterfowl can cause:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Increased hybridization
  • Water pollution
  • Delayed migration
  • Concentrations at unnatural sites
  • Overcrowding
  • Spread of disease
  • Costly management efforts
  • Unnatural behavior
  • Cumulative effects
  • Devaluation of the species

Read on to explore this issue and decide for yourself whether you want to continue feeding waterfowl.


It would seem that providing food for ducks and geese would make them healthier. However, this is not the case. Waterfowl at artificial feeding sites are often found to suffer from poor nutrition. In natural settings, waterfowl seek and feed on a variety of nutritious foods such as aquatic plants, natural grains, and invertebrates. Many of the items commonly used to feed waterfowl (bread, corn, popcorn, etc.) are low in protein and are very poor substitutes for natural foods.

Natural foods are also widely scattered. Ducks and geese are able to find these foods and eat them in relative seclusion. At artificial feeding sites, competition for each scrap or kernel is high. Some ducks and geese (usually the youngest) are unable to compete for handouts.

Visible symptoms of poor nutrition and advanced stages of starvation are often seen at artificial feeding sites. For example, waterfowl may have drooping wings or may lose their ability to fly.“

The idea that this podcast discusses is whether knowing something is bad prevents you from doing it, enjoying it, outlawing it, prohibiting it, or just being mindful of the fact is a path you may follow down. The same is true about our positions on most any issues. Take a listen!

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