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Curio by Danny Hauger instrumental acoustic free song download

January 10, 2016

"Together Now" is on ITunes right now! Brand new album!

Yes that descriptive title is aimed at getting more song downloads for Danny Hauger music, and yes, Danny Hauger is me. Curio as I suspected, was a great title for a song that I thought should be on a shelf to admire briefly for this moment. Do I get nominated for best comedy now, like the Martian, for that first sentence? Really though, Trainwreck was funny, but its time to redefine categories there Golden Globes! Anyways on to the music! While I was watching the Golden Globe awards of 2016, I set up my recording session unplugged to record a riff. I resulted in an F Major progression that built itself once I began. I really enjoyed playing it and decided that I loved the combination solos of guitars, whirly piano, and melodies that deserved a few bars each. 

Enjoy this instrumental piece from Danny Hauger studios which I really enjoyed recording tonight. Now, back to work preparing for school, credential, cinnamon rolls, and life. Be well everyone! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and help support my music by buying a song on iTunes or Amazon, just search Danny Hauger music!

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