Crest Unplugged and Two Sides Album Announcement

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December 6, 2018  

Crest Words and Music by Danny Hauger
(YouTube exclusive studio version, in advance of my 2019 album, "Two Sides", debuts in digital stores everywhere 1/2/2019!)

Watch the video of this live performance! Thank you Podbean for the bandwidth for this free music to the world project!

From the rivers to the seas,
And population densities.
From the coral to the bleach,
You are the sun to my screen,

I’m trying to keep it real to you.
Into the ocean blues.
As I feel the wind brush by,
When I leave I won’t know why.

I’m grinding out,
In a landlocked mind.
I’m trying to write
How I’ll be defined.

I’m almost over
The crest of this wave.
Full disclosure,
I’m floating away,

So close to flying,
A drone in the breeze.
Without a pilot,
I’m stuck in the trees.

And I’m trying to control,
Staying focused on the goal.
All the people that I know,
See me sinking like a stone.
But I still see sunlight.

I’m almost over
The crest of this wave.
Full disclosure,
I’m lost at sea.

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