Cozy Corner ep#8 “Flair”

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December 10, 2008  

Welcome to Cozy Corner Episode 8, "flair"

BRand new show, original air date 12/10/08.

On this day through history John Lam Promo
Conversation with dead guy Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
GRant and Danny's Rent a Family
Thing you probably shouldn't do
[Special music performance of folk magic] Farmer Dan - "Hen's in the kitchen" (Henny Henny Hun Hoo) - live performance on K Farm featuring Land Grant
A Blooper Reel From Episode 8 - "Flair" DHX - "Flair" , brand new song

Thanks for listening, good luck with finals college students, good luck with life life students.

Tune in next week for an Alex Jaich special at an amusement park, and more.

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