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Cozy Corner - Autotune - s02e01

March 3, 2009

Farewell to Paul Harvey, a pioneer of the radio industry, thank you for your contributions to the medium of radio. Paul Harvey (1918 -2009). Cozy Corner is Back! With intro from Brian McKnight

Another real radio moment: farewell to KLSX FM talk radio in Los Angeles, California. for that matter, all the part timers who made that station look good at promo events. Best wishes to all the line workers, board ops, and salespeople that made KLSX what it was. DJ's on air at that station include Adam Corolla, Frosty Heidi and Frank, Tom Leykis, and more that will now have to re-invent themselves elsewhere. Another hit taken for talk radio in the increasingly heated battle between conglomerate bottom lines and the search for quality talk radio.

Welcome Back to Cozy Corner, Grab a snack and enjoy season 2, episode One, "Autotune" . This episode recorded in Fullerton and Stockton, California. This episode features:


On this day in Cozy Corner history, featuring ancient Eurpoean and Russian history , a conversation with sir Autotune, and more!

Outro includes a real survey from an online survey dealer about hair, shampoo, and conditioner, enjoy the show and subscribe to itunes: Danny Hauger podcasting!

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On another note, my thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost loved ones in the recent plane crashes accross the United States and the world, why do things happen in clusters? There was seven crashes in the last eleven days. Best of senses to all pilots out there!

Have a great week everyone!

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