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Cozy Corner 2.6 The Hadron Collider

May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!
Out of order episode 2.7, featuring
Starting with a live broadcast exclusive from the Hadron Collider, an interview with worker Henry and Henry's Boss, and thanks to Dwarfel for arranging the interview in Geneva, unfortunately the COllider knocked Cozy Corner into the past, making this episode 6 of season 2.
This podcast uploaded from Lodi, California.
This episode also features short sketches
Shivon's idea to make $700 million on our new viral website idea
A friend's contagiously annoying laugh
Cozy Corner Somali Pirates
The danger of fireworks and their impact on counting with your fingers
Bus Driver Sam
Peter the pinball wizard loses his focus
Cows talk to each other
The dangers of Hot Air Ballooning
BEfore and after - joining an angry mob
The starting lineup for the Long Beach Dirtbags is announced live
The secret life of ants
and My Advice - Replacing license plate frames

Outro featuring Carl's pets - written and produced by Aaron

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...Our best at Cozy Corner to all the firefighters in Santa Barbara...I flew in from Sacramento today and the smoke was arching over the horizon...videohere

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Here's a request from Jan in Balitmore, Maryland (or Bawlmore, right Jan?) Either way Jan, here is your mother's day request, It's Rent-A-Family!

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