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Control Free Studio Recorded Demo by Danny Hauger

May 8, 2020

       “Control” Words and Music by Danny Hauger  (played on a Godin Metropolis LTD, Session, and Spector Bass)


Turbines and tidal waves,

Secrets I hide away, 

Untraveled palisades, and shores underneath my mind. 

I’m holding thoughts today

That might erode, decay, bind

If I don't say I need more help, I’ll helped me no more. 


I don't even want to tell you what I know

(all that I can say to you)

I don't even want to take you if I go 

(Cause I’m already home)

I don’t even want to give you the control  

(Unless you’re gonna show)

Unless you show me that you’re ready to play a role 

(To build me up again)


Refineries on track

Deploring fumes up stacks 

And I sit holding back, 

I'm not sure what i could to change

A life i didn't build,

It formed around me while I stood still.

I’m holding on to waves of will with wakes unclear.


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