Composer David Benoit Interview for A Charlie Brown Christmas

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November 30, 2010  

Danny Hauger sits down with composer extraordinaire David Benoit for a short chat about the upcoming Christmas special.  Unfortunate technical difficulties would strain the conversationa dn limit to a quick promo for the event which will be a national tour for the 2010 holiday season celebrating the music of Vince Guaraldi.

Buy Tickets for the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" here.  December 3rd, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

Enjoy my interview with composer David Benoit and Danny Hauger

Full interview questions cut short for technical difficulties:


1. Hello and welcome in for a very special holiday treat. Taking a few moments out of his busy schedule is accomplished composer and performer David Benoit. You might know him from his outstanding career in jazz and instrumental pieces both original and redefined. Just in time for his return to the Cerritos Center for the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, which makes its appearance Friday December 3rd at 8 PM. David Benoit, a true pleasure sir, how are you?

2. You were born in Bakersfield, and I was born in Stockton. Not exactly the host of musical creativity, David were you raised in a musical background?

3. You’re debut album, Freedom at Midnight (1987), made it to number 5 on Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. Who was inspiring you at that time?

4. Who is your favorite classical composer, and why?

a. Baroque, Classic, and romantic

5. When did you get interested in Jazz Piano

6. David, you’re director for the Asian American Symphony Orchestra

7. David, residents: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. How did that opportunity and what was that like?

8. What is your fondest memory performing?

9. Do you have a moment that you’d like to forget?

10. How did you get the idea for reviving the timeless mmusic of the Charlie Brown special

11. If you could to yourself right now at age 23, what would you say?


In A Charlie Brown Christmas, five-time Grammy-nominated Jazz pianist David Benoit and the Asia America Youth Orchestra bring to life magical music from the Peanuts animated special. The orchestra and Benoit perform a fresh spin on Vince Guaraldi’s compositions in a lively display of songs from the classic soundtrack of A Charlie Brown Christmas, including Christmastime Is Here and Linus & Lucy’s Theme.

Friday, December 3, 2010 8pm

Need Help? Contact the box office directly for the Cerritos Center of the performing arts. (800)300-4345 or


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