Classic Cozy Corner Promo from Titan Radio

A rare re-podcast of a classic Cozy Corner promo from Cal State Fullerton's Titan Radio. Titan Talk was some of the most fun radio content of the college radio era.

Classic Cozy Corner enjoy! I thought it would be fun to take a listen to a show from three years ago. Thanks for listening. Follow me on Twitter @DannyHauger.

Titan Talk aired live on every Tuesday, from 2 to 3 PM PST. Hosted by Danny Hauger and Matt Vidovich, this show is a humorous review of top stories and offbeat news. Contact the show at Call in live at (657) 278-5516. You can also join the Facebook group = "I Won't Listen to Titan Talk" Season One (Fall 2008)--Titan Talk (with John Lam and Danny Hauger) was a weekly Broadcast on, Monday Nights. Titan Talk Ran for three seasons through 30 episodes.

Past shows have been hosted by Danny Hauger, and John Lam

Choose TItan Talk under categories to listen, and click the play button.

To order the complete discography Titan Talk episodes, send $40 via paypal to and select a format preference.

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