Chicken Sandwich to the Head at Warriors Kings

Bread glanced off the left shoulder, chicken went right, frisbee shaped pickle soared to the lower level Friday night at Oracle Arena as I watched my favorite under performers, the Sacramento Kings take a 111-108 loss to the Golden State Warriors as an unruly fan threw his $18 sandwich at a sober opponent cheering for the Kings 20 years his junior. All's fair in love of sports? Or relish-ing an opportunity to be a jerk? You decide.

Hey podcast fans, I recently have been looking at web sites to review that you might be able to use in your independent business and start-ups. I know a lot of you are trying to improve your viability and make a splash with first impressions. I know the feeling, and there is a site that can help boost your graphical desires, Midland Display Products. This site is a simple to browse asset for building custom prints and ads. From trade shows to outdoor tabling, you can find many dimensions of quality printed materials to enhance your presentation in public. You can shop truss displays and panel fittings from a variety of sizes. I would love to see more up front prices from this site for easier shopping and a less cluttered left column of links for sorting types of products.

I have not spent a lot of time on comparison sites but it was easy to see what the final advertisement or logo would look like before placing an order. Still, there are plenty of options to be found from Midland for building your own custom solutions for your next big event to sharpen your image and presentation. Trade show displays are made easy, check them out before your next company outing.

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