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Center of My World

July 17, 2018

“Center of My World” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger


Lifestyles get oversaturated by commercialism,

I want to take a couple decades to one track thinking of you.


Reset my mind, replay my thoughts.

Try to be everything I’m not

I’m an actor on the stage of a lifetime role.


So cast me off, rewrite myscript.

Call the gaffers, and the plaintiffs in.
I’m defending everything I know how to be.


Gravity entangles me

With centrifugal memories.

I’m stuck back then, and I can’t pretend that I can see you.


I know we’ve got it hard,

But together we’ll make it easier one.

You’re the one that’s going to make it happen girl,


I know we’ve got a lot, and together we'll have so much more than this.

You’re the center of my world.


Somewhere along the lines.

The planar field ascended.

I got left below with a million things to say.


Sorted and exasperated,

I ran all over Lodi.

And then you called, you were waiting at my house the whole time.


Central valleys closing in.

Opportunity fleeting.

Disappointment setting in again.

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