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Careless in My Sleep Unplugged with Lap Steel

December 9, 2017

Its finny to me how my students have clinged to the song, "Careless in My Sleep", or they secretly make fun of me for it. Whatever the motive is, it makes me think about this song of mine quite a lot. Its a song with a lot of personal meaning and expression already, and when I went to find its acoustic unplugged version on my computer, no results came up. I needed to re-explore the song and lay it out without drums. I wanted to voice the depth and reverberence of the song's meaning in a new version so I brought some new strings out to my lap steel guitar and the very first note I recorded was the first note you hear in this new unplugged version. From there, everything was just singing through and it was really enjoyable not just to play, but also to mix. This was the most time I spent mixing a song in a while, and I think it shines through in the mix. Its a free mp3 download of one of my personal favorites, and I hope you will enjoy it! I also recorded a four-track video which you can watch on my YouTube Channel: Danny Hauger. Please download, share, like, and subscribe!!


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