Buckets free instrumental groove

After a couple of tough training days learning a new area and system, it was a good time for recording and some musical creativity! Something I am trying to inspire in my summer school teaching. I want the best for the children of the present, and I shared with them the importance of teaching and music. I also got a chance to meet a dozen or so new people, teachers, trying to make an impact, and it inspired me to step up my game and continue to develop as well. That's a good message. That's something I want to be able to teach as well. For the song now, its a G Major to D minor, to C major, and back to G major groove. Download "Buckets" by Danny Hauger (right click and save)I wanted to do a song led by piano chords. I did that, and then it really started to groove with keys and guitar. Maybe all that Toe Jam and Earl from Sega is paying off! Enjoy the free download of "Buckets"/ 
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