Bill Gunderson, Professional Money Manager Interview
October 1, 2009

Bill Gunderson, Professional Money Manager Interview

Interview recorded live Thursday, October 1st, 2009
From, and "Positively Wall Street", Professional Money Manager Bill Gunderson generously gives his time to talk about investments and the importance of starting young. Designed to help college students think about their financial plans, this interview focuses on:

How Bill got interested in investments
Young people have a lot of things, mostly to do with iphone apps, texting bills, and clothing styles, but we do have time...
How to begin investing
Value investing and mutual fund
Growing money over time
The importance of starting young
Making a financial plan and a budget
Starting with $1,000 dollars to age 60
The importance of being positive

You might say you have nothing to invest with, but remember, a little bit today can be a big difference later, hope this will help you on your way to long term financial success. I want to thank Bill, for taking some valuable time to share some valuable ideas with us, thanks Bill!

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"Positively Wall Street is heard live on AM 830 on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM. to learn more about Bill, visit his website.

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