Best of Downey and Gabriel April 24th 2010

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April 24, 2010  

Best of Downey and Gabriel April 24th 2010

Enjoy highlights from another great show live on AM 830 KLAA from Saturday, April 24th. More at

  • Mark Tiexiera, clean hit against Bobby Wilson on Saturday night?
  • Joakim Noah's shift to professional wrestling after the NBA playoffs
  • Lakers versus Thunder, who takes the series?
  • Twins' MVP Joe Mauer and the thug lifestyle of his new rap music
  • Brandon loves Lifetime movies, and recommends stalking Laura
  • Brandon loves soccer
  • And how could I leave out Shane Downey getting geared up for the big Magic card playing tournament in Puerto Rico, go get em Shane!

Don't miss all this and more on next week's show Saturday following Angel's baseball!

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