Being Real First Mix Acoustic Jazz

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December 13, 2017  

I've really spread the genre spectrum this year a lot further at Danny Hauger Podcasts. I reached my goal of releasing a free song each week! Thanks for your continued support here and on my YouTube Channel: Danny Hauger - this is the 60th free song of 2017, and it makes me proud and something to feel happy about in 2017. I enjoyed this year musically and this acoustic jazz attempt really hit home for me as well in the fun category. I hope you enjoy downloading and sharing it! An early acoustic Christmas present from Danny Hauger Podcasts. Its the first jazz style song I can remember this year, and I enjoyed each chord strike. I hope you will too.

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“Being Real” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger

I grew up in a small town,

It had its troubles too.
I didn’t focus on the negative

Just want to hang out with you.


Lets skate over her house.

And lets grab some food, I want to talk to her.


I want to tell you, this is how I feel.

I want to tell you, this is me being real.


When I look at her,

Effervescence personified.

I hear music in my ears,

And it sounds just fine.


But now she’s got me all discombobulated,

And I’m struggling to keep it under,

But her I see her curls go dancing by,

Its like my mind has been taken by thunder.

I want to tell you, this is how I feel.

I want to tell you, this is me being real.

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