Behind the Recording of Lavender by Danny Hauger

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October 25, 2015  

Lavender" was a two-day recording jam session in E and C# minor. The beautiful blending of tones and guitar work made this an absolute joy to record and produce. I had no desire to attempt to vocalize over this one. I think the guitar work speaks for itself. Its a blend of electric styles that I seldom put into studio work, but I liked the pure high end of one of the leads, and it produced itself after that... and about 9 minutes of jamming complete with a bass and drum breakdown at two minutes in. I like the way the track builds, and I hope you will too! Enjoy this recording and explanation of the song "Lavender", by Danny Hauger music.
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This instrumental reminds me of high school days driving with friends through Northern California, simply discussing and exploring concepts of the world, and trying to find our paths. People around the world are trying to do the same things, and find the sustainable resources to allow their safety and resources reinforced. I hope you enjoy this song and will share it with a friend!

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If I Grow Up, Danny Hauger

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