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March 7, 2016  

The song title "Anywhere" seemed to bare in the headline that I threw in all the Danny Hauger lingo to make it work, and it is such a joy to be back not even 48 hours after my last new song with yet another demo of what's to come from my 2017 album. I love the direction that my music has been taking since the release of my latest home studio album "Together Now" which you can support right now to help my free music podcast stay going! Download "Anywhere" free from Danny Hauger (right click and save)

"Anywhere" was recorded on a Monday, and has a surprising amount of energy and momentum. There are several aspects of this song that I adore. First, the song begins with the painting of a mental picture of moving boxes, and leaving your hometown. That's a fairly common theme, but this song comes from a different lens, that of the person who stays in town, and wonders if regrets and curiosities linger in the mind of the departed, and what drives people to move and make decisions to start anew.

The guitar work of the song is perhaps the most personally impressive, and yes, I did impress myself - we all should at some point or another. This song carries two separate solos, each builds character and opinion within themselves. Enjoy the free song download! Share with a friend today, help spread the music!


Anywhere by Danny Hauger


I heard you were leaving town,

So many years in so many boxes.

Do you ever think about the better times?

All of the happiness that had multiplied.


And where will you go?

Anywhere you go, I’m on my way.


Is there room in your memories?

To let a smile back in, can you still here me?

I feel that its something new, the way its always been.

If you decide to let go, and let yourself win.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

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