Angels Play For Three Straight Series Wins in Baltimore with Orioles

Happy Thursday AM 830 listeners, time for a series preview in our Angels Radio AM 830 Blog. This weekend the Angels fly to Camden Yards to play three with the Baltimore Orioles.

In the Key of D: Defensive plays kept the Angels in striking range with Joel Pineiro and Jerome Williams on the mound this week. Erick Aybar and Howie Kendrick have turned more than five double plays in the last three games to assist in close games. The Angels are positioned 3 games behind the Texas Rangers Thursday afternoon.

Thank Kendrick: Two home runs for Howie Kendrick on Tuesday night helped seal a contested rubber match with the Athletics in the third and seventh innings. Kendrick has gone through several hot streaks this season leading to his career high 21 home runs.

Dan Haren will start the first game of the Orioles series Friday. Haren's slider and cut fastball looked sharp last time out and Baltimore's Hunter has a similar approach to his pitch selection. These two should set the pace for a competitive series in Maryland. Santana and Weaver on short rest are the probable pitchers over the weekend for Los Angeles.

What to Listen for: On Wednesday Jered Weaver kept the crowd completely out of the game. Dan Haren should continue to avoid walking batters from the start to induce pressure on the hitting lineup of the Orioles.

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Seth Johansson Featured Columnist Iposted 4 days ago

Based on the past two series against the Rangers, I'm not sure you can say that the Angels have an advantage going into that final series against Texas. If anything, I hope they can pad something of a lead in the AL West so they can lose a couple games and still be okay.

Hopefully Scioscia will put away his bag of tricks and not go starting pitchers on three days rest. Reply 0 likes Options

Danny Hauger posted just now

We'll see how three days rests results with Weaver again. I think he may be the guy to handle it best because of his youth and peaking in his development (although Santana was the only pitcher to win on three days rest this year). AS noted, it would have been ideal to sweep New York and Oakland, and the Angels did not, Rangers win again on 9-15, and their lead is 3.5 games back. It will be tough, advantage Texas, agreed. Thanks Seth!


Timothy Howell Featured Columnist Iposted 17 minutes ago

Good read man. I feel pretty confident the Rangers will clinch before the final three-game stand at the "Big A." You're right, though, that pitching staff is amazing. I really feel like Chatwood is going to be a solid rotation contributor in the future as well. If you guys still had Napoli, I think you'd have a shot to catch us... Reply 0 likes

Danny Hauger posted just now

Thanks Timothy! I agree Chatwood is a rotation pitcher, possibly at the start of next season. He has a good head on his shoulders having chatted several times in the locker room. Napoli has proved himself better than a one year fluke and is a real asset to have hitting from the catcher slot. It will be very tough for the Angels to make it in the AL West but now sit only 4 games out of the Wild Card...

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