American League Pennant Race Pressure as Texas Enters Angel Stadium Monday

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August 15, 2011  
  • Pennant Race Pressure Point: Big game tonight on Angels Radio, AM 830 as the American League West Leading Texas Rangers enter Angel Stadium 4 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Garett Richards gets a big opportunity to help the Angels kick off this 4 game series that could even or break open the pennant race. Angels Today begins at 5:00 PM, Warm-Up at 6:00, and first pitch at 7:05 on AM 830.
  • Texas Tonight: Alexi Ogando holds a 3.22 ERA and throws his fastball about 65% of the time (MLB Gameday), his out pitch is a slider and he mixes in off-speed balls to throw off opposing hitters. Murphy, Hamilton, and Cruz will take the outfield and have been solid all season long. Ian Kinsler had a two run error yesterday in Oakland at second base and may be looking to prove himself tonight.
  • Over the Weekend Stat to Watch: The Angels did get their 100th stolen base of the season, but dropped two of three to the Blue jays in Toronto.
  • Tune into Angels Radio! Angels Today begins at 5:00 PM, Warm-Up at 6:00, and first pitch at 7:05 on AM 830.
  • Homecoming: After an east coast trip the Angels come home to face the Rangers and Orioles.
  • Hot Halo: Alberto Callaspo now leads the team in batting with a .291 average and hit well over the weekend. Callaspo stands with 107 hits in 106 games with 39 RBIs.
  • Key to the Series: Pitching will need a strong home stand to deny the powerful Texas bats. Supporting runs will also be key in giving confidence to the rookie pitchers in the Angels line up.

Tune into Angels Radio, AM 830, KLAA! Angels Today begins at 5:00 PM, Warm-Up at 6:00, and first pitch at 7:05 on AM 830.

Here's an on air clip from Angels Radio with an appearance on Lugnuttz Radio, covering extreme sports and motor sports across Southern California.  This clip covers terrible media reporting, useless stories, Kardashians, and a very odd phone call. Take a listen now and thanks for visiting!

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