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All My Weight Feat. TAE on Piano and Violin

March 24, 2019

TAE Kim and I make a great team, and this is the third or fourth collaboration track that I get to share with you. He is a superbly talented musician, and he lends his violin and piano to my new song "All My Weight", which really classes up and broadens the feel of this song. It will definitely be on my 2020 album that is in development, and I am grateful for his musical abilities and friendship!

"All My Weight" lyrics

I’ll take your hand in mine.

I’ll lead you, though I am blind.

Synthesizing your role.

Understanding your goal.

Side with me your soul,

Life has taken it’s toll.

Laugh out loud!

Shrink with me, I’m carrying all my weight.

Bear with me, I’m barely keeping up this pace.

I’m surprised, the compromises one must make.

I’m dumbfounded by this place.

Tempt me, with a line from a Shakespeare play.

I don’t realize what the words might mean.

I’ll make my own, and my own home.

The mother tongue that stole my fun has set me off.

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