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March 25, 2016  

New music on a Spring Break Friday! Well I love cramming those title keywords, I'm told its important for search results. It is relative and factual to today's free song download, "All Me" by Danny Hauger. I will admit also that I wanted to record a much faster ska song, something like a Goldfinger or Planet Smashers. I realized as I began that pace that a real horns section would be the only factor that really defines those great driving bands and songs. I also remembered how much I love beats around 110 bpm in the ska and relaxed mix genre.  It was there, that "All Me" became my first ska type song to enter into my newly retooled studio. Enjoy and share this free download! Recorded vocals with my new Blue Yeti microphone, sounds nice!

Download "All Me" by Danny Hauger (right click and save)

“All Me” Lyrics and Music by Danny Hauger Copyright 2016

C                     D         G

Anyone can take a shortcut.

You can simply cut the corner and run,

And if someone asks you where you’ve been,

Well you don’t answer to anyone.


And if you want someone to blame, its all me.

I’m the reason for the choices you make.


I showed you how to grow up strong-willed,

I taught you and showed you how to be proud.

I guess I should have showed you balance,

Now your strong-will and pride have knocked you down.


If you someone to blame, its all me.

I tried and failed to make you a man.


I’m sure you will grow and be better.

You will feed your ducks all in a row.

You’ll ignore posted signs and break the bread.

Indigestion to ducks and people all around.

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