All At Once Album Version Free Mp3 Download Album Preview
December 6, 2019

All At Once Album Version Free Mp3 Download Album Preview

This is the album version of "All At Once". It is 98% complete. I have taken more time to compose tracks, but never so many recording hours, and I hope that effort and investment is reflected in this mix. This album is going to be a culmination of my styles, practice, influence, and experimentation so far. Please join me in supporting my music, sharing, and downloading my free songs each week! Thank you to Laurie Crockett for contributing piano that will be used in the final mix, and my friend Matthew, for contributing some feedback that I will also use to re-work the mix. Still some forks in the vocal road that I will be mending. Enjoy the demo. This is probably the most individual hours invested in a mix to date, and in process, in time, i think the song can reach its potential. 

"All At Once" Lyrics

Surround me with all soft things. 

So that I may be protected. 

Align me, to gold and seed. 

Through keys that bring me room. 


Declare me, to be the king. 

And end this ring, 

Of trial and tribulation. 


Anxiety is killing my potential 


Chorus - f-c-g

I'll be the one to comfort you, 

When it comes all at once. 

I'll slow the wind and calm the seas, 

And bring you your lunch. 


Normally, I take relief, 

Knowing no feeling is forever. 

But if I can't make today what I think it should be

Who'll be the one who's going to pass me up. 


I'll be the one to comfort you, 

When it comes all at once. 

I'll mend the string and live for now 

In this moment.


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