I think I have written a lot of coming of age songs, but never about advanced age, and probably for good reason - the lack of experience. Something in a simple guitar progression and haunting slide guitar take brought me to a vision of a much older time in life and the words wrote themselves in less than an hour. I definitely had not broached the subject of dying before, and strangely it came easily. Its a departure from my normal themes. If its a bit dark, I apologize, however, it sounds like a happy ending of sorts is in the works for the protagonist of this short musical story. Watch the music video to "Aging" on YouTube.


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Aging  - Words and Music by Danny Hauger
Its 7 AM
Could be my last day
Breakfast is not as sweet as it was.

Taking and granting
Reaping and planting
The sun will come, the sun will go.
But I won't know.

The mirror says, "face me"
I thought there always will be more time.

Here I stand,
My hand in hand.
But now the hand I hold's my own.
Soon judgment will be told.

Face me,
Im' trying
I'm dying.

What was I scared of?
Who would have cared now?
I could have focused
Now I'm wondering where I am.

Aging, I'm dying.
Aging, I'm flying

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