A One Stop Stop Danny Hauger Podcast Sept 29 2014

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September 29, 2014  

Is it really?  A Danny Hauger solo podcast that isn't a song? Check in with your favorite guitarist, broadcaster, sportscaster, writer, gamer, and now substitute teacher in this "How was your summer" type podcast.

As you can hear from this podcast, I've been busy with freelancing. I am available for your next business document, press release, or editing review!

I am also booked a few weddings I'll be playing guitar coming up so I'm certainly not putting music on hold if you want to follow just my musical aspirations you could go to Danny Hauger.com or on Twitter @DHXmusic.
I plan on talking more about some news, entertainment, and what's new in life on a regular basis. This is the first installment and I look forward to reconnecting! Follow me also @DannyHauger on Twitter for the latest!
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