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September 22, 2017  

A Happy and and healthy welcome to you into today’s edition of the Hauger History Podcast, I’m pretty thrilled today to speak with one of the most multi-talented musicians I’ve had the opportunity to listen to. Joe Pisapia joins me, a singer-songwriter, producer, and performer who has worked with the esteemed likes of Ben Folds, Guster, and The Silver Seas, and is now launching a Pledge Music Campaign, which I hope you will all support at https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/joepisapia


Some of the questions that we discuss in today’s interview:

  • On https://www.joepisapia.net/ there are dozens of creative projects and albums that your stamp has been left on. Where does Joe’s musical gene come from?
  • If I had a paint mixer of influences, or a Mount Rushmore of musical me, I have Soul Asylum, Jim Croce, Guster, Nada Surf, and the Gin Blossoms. Who is on yours?
  • I love all of your cover art, nightvision, Wake My heart, they are almost sand-like mosaics of pleasing tones. Where do the covers come from?
  • “Guster on Ice” is one of my favorite DVDs, a live performance from Guster in Portland, Maine. What is the production like on a project like that?
  • I played your song, “River Song” on Titan Radio at CSUF a lot, whenever my co-host would tell stories about camping, and I began to identify with a lot of your solo work then. What inspires you to write?
  • What’s your recording and engineering philosophy with your music?
  • Tell us about your Pledge Music campaign, you’ve got some amazing items and thank you’s available!

I pledged today, in the hopes that my music is found by new artists, and I want to thank Joe for his influences on me and all of fans old and new!

Thanks for listening! Please help me support my free music and interviews!

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