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Gary Gerould Talks About 35 Years Broadcasting with the Sacramento Kings and Advice for Young Broadcasters April 18 2020

April 18, 2020

Gary Gerould is the reason I became a broadcaster, and love the field of radio enough to make it my college Major, he didn’t know I would graduate during the recession, and need to turn to teaching, so I don’t hold that against him.  With more than 2,700 professional sports broadcasts, 5th among active broadcasters in longevity, with wok ranging from motor sports to the Olympics, #1 in our hearts, its the G-Man, by way of Midland Michigan, 35 years with the now Sacramento Kings, it's Gary Gerould. 

Some of the questions that I ask in this interview

  1. Who was your Gary Gerould, someone you admired in the industry and who instilled a love for the medium, and sparked the idea that this medium might be an interesting path to traverse?
  2. Stockton Ports and Kurt Suzuki hitting home runs on the fourth of July, thinking, what a great country earning 6.25 and a free hot dog per game while gas was 4.00 a gallon, what's your first story of being wowed by your work. What was your early career like?
  3. You gave me all the training I needed for my first play by play gig as a college student at Dominican University, then Cal State Fullerton. And the confidence of reporting news at kstn 1420 in Stockton at age 16 along with my friend Johnny Milford. Where did your training and confidence come from? 
  4. In an attempt to follow in your footsteps, I began 5-year stint with the Angels in 2009. I worked every holiday, every hour of the day, at one stretch 400 days consecutively between radio traffic with clear channel, massive layoff, angels baseball, golden west college broadcasts. And you were still the only person I wanted to be. Did you know who and what you wanted, and if so, from what age and moment? 
  5.  I watched angels play by play professional, the hard working Terry Smith, after Rory Marcus passed away in 2010 after I was working with him on Christmas day for college basketball, work hours before and after each game, traveling for 162 games of a regular season, the angels having concerts at home, and after extra innings, REO Speedwagon, or another band playing post game, Terry needing to run within the stadium passageway tunnels to our radio station on the second floor to do post game Angel Talk, me being the only one to take calls, cut sound, run board, and produce, and getting a very real, "how much do you want this"? At what point of your career do you think you've been pushed to work the hardest, and been the most rewarded? 
  6. Is there any part of your racing broadcasting that has transformed your broadcasting approach for basketball? 
  7. The game you get excited about the most: defensive stand-offs, scoring fests, playoffs, early season? What attracts you the most to personal investment. 
  8. The first broadcast where you felt like you had arrived in a significant way? 
  9. The moment you knew broadcasting was your path?
  10. My chemistry teacher, Mr little, from St Mary's in Stockton, was your doppelganger. Once in class, Matt Aguire and I had him say, he's got the bucket as we were doing our homework. Who are the voices that initially inspired you into broadcasting, and whose voices inspire you today? 
  11. Danny's LA Kings story - how do you overcome disappointment?
  12. What does this 2019-2020 shortened season mean to you?
  13. A compliment to your character when people say don't meet your heroes, I knew you'd never disappoint me. I know the last month has been filled with personal challenges, and a lot of people have poured public support, I wanted you to know that your support of the public, over 35 years, of joy, and emotion, and fun, will stay with people forever, and that I’ve been forever changed by it professionally and personally. Thanks for joining me on the podcast Gary!


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