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Preparing for Vancouver Podcast Visit and Free Song Lake Jog from Danny hauger

Preparing for Vancouver Podcast Visit and Free Song Lake Jog from Danny hauger

May 19, 2014
We will be Canada bound in June!

Danny and Jessica will be visiting the world famous city of Vancouver, B.C. on June 10th and will be podcasting the highlights from this sure to be unforgettable visit! We have been wanting to go to visit beautiful British Columbia for years and are finally doing it, and encouraging our fans and listeners to do the same.

We are so excited to be taking the next episode of our traveling abroad series to Vancouver to enjoy the natural beauty and exciting attractions the city has to showcase including:

Jessica and I are thrilled to take this trip and all of the fun places we have yet to plan out. We have heard the most wonderful things about Canada and are thrilled that 2014 is the year we will see for ourselves and encourage other young couples and travelers of all ages to experience the joys of traveling within the U.s. and abroad to the wide world we live in.

For now, enjoy a thematic song, called "Lake Jog", recorded and produced by Danny Hauger, which I hope will be performed live somewhere along the trip for a Vancouver audience to hear live.

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Enjoy the song! Its a free download, please share if you enjoy it, and consider checking out a song on iTunes or Amazon from "Sleepy Kitten", the newest album from Danny Hauger Music.

Download "Lake Jog" from Danny Hauger Music  (right click and save)

“Sleepy Kitten” is the newest release from Danny Hauger music. It features new alternative rock, instrumental, and acoustic tracks recording in Orange County, California.

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Some sights from our trip so far (podcast to come):

The Vancouver lookout!

A revue

A review of our first dinner at the Met -

A review of the Vancouver Aquarium -

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Trendcast Remotes, Dog’s Bounty, Etheridge, and more

Trendcast Remotes, Dog’s Bounty, Etheridge, and more

May 23, 2012

Today's trendcast covers the 5 stories not discussed inside the Sports LODGE this morning. Hosted by Danny Hauger, talking about Dog the Bounty hunter, the founder of the remote control - Eugene Polley, passes away at 96, we remember the first promo announcement for the remote, and more on this second episode of the Trendcast.Take a listen back to 1961, and enjoy this Trendcast!

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Trendcast Donna Summer and Passing of Legends Episode One

Trendcast Donna Summer and Passing of Legends Episode One

May 17, 2012

First episode. May 17th, 2012. Jess and Danny talk about the passing of Donna Summer, growing older and the stacking names of those who have passed that we will tell our children about. We talk about advertising converting social media to commercial social media. Hogwarts, Beiber, and Ford all make their way into our discussion. Join in the conversation! Tweet  and get your idea mentioned in the next show!  

Today''s fav tweets:

the bar hurts my neck when I squat

We also zero in on this guy's tweet,

rewind the good times, play the memories, pause thedrama, stop the hurting and fast forward the sad times.

Can we get a THOMPSON!!! on today's show?

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Topics trending today:

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