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Star Wars Review SPOILERS and the Flaws of Movie Sagas

Star Wars Review SPOILERS and the Flaws of Movie Sagas

December 19, 2015

SPOILERS (watch after the movie) are present, but not intentionally so, no main plots are given away here, in this podcast review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Luke SKywalker is back (spoilers: not until the end), I had thought he would take a large role in the film. Han Solo is present in a big way though.

There were two main points in which I lost focus on this (overall very good) story. The first was the scrolling text which seemed to have a chronological flaw in the pattern, and another being the fact that movie sagas have a flaw in not being able to (SPOILERS) remove main characters from the initial films in the series. I think the bigger issue is one of economics.

I am a medium fan, and I want people to enjoy whatever they like, Star Wars or otherwise. Just a few thoughts are offered here based on an audience viewpoint during the film.

JJ Abrams did a nice job directing the action. The on-screen performances are nothing short of excellent.

The bigger issue here is, even when movies are made well, if some plot points are off the table because of sequels, then we are limited to the on-screen potential of saga presentations, aren't we? And I don't discount or take away the pleasure of the film, its very well done! Its also great to re-live childhood classics and favorites, but I think the ability to develop one movie into greatness is hindered when sparsely spread by hand into three buckets, rather than one.

Here is 18 minutes, reflecting on this moment in history, when the world stops to watch a movie, and share a story. Which, by the way, is a wonderful thing.

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Inspired Away to Something Other than intended - Behind the Recording of Everything I Wanted

Inspired Away to Something Other than intended - Behind the Recording of Everything I Wanted

December 7, 2015
Behind the Recording of Trying to Be Like You Danny Hauger

Behind the Recording of Trying to Be Like You Danny Hauger

November 29, 2015

Wow, I could not take my headphones off this morning once I started recording.

I set up a new studio consisting of an iRig connected to my iPad, and then sent it out to my recently setup PA system for what I intended to be some simple jamming amplified at a level 2 inside just to get some practice work in. Then, wouldn’t you know it, just as inspiration happens, a riff in A Major led me to an all new demo. This track is the “Behind the recording”. The free song, “Trying to Be Like You” will be posted within a few minutes. Thanks for listening and supporting my free music podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe!!

Behind the Recording of Grow from Here by Danny Hauger

Behind the Recording of Grow from Here by Danny Hauger

November 6, 2015

No one was going to record my documentary, so I will do it myself, after all, there's potential to grow from here. A short chat about a brand new demo, and then it will be yours for free! I love the main lead, congo drums, relaxed rhythm, and layered melodies in this song! Check out this version with lyrics, and an introduction, and then be sure to download the full instrumental version in mp3! I feel in love with this track while I was recording it, and I hope you will like it as well!

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Enjoy, share, and subscribe to Danny Hauger podcasts! The next post will be the instrumental version.

Behind the Recording of Lavender by Danny Hauger

Behind the Recording of Lavender by Danny Hauger

October 25, 2015

Lavender" was a two-day recording jam session in E and C# minor. The beautiful blending of tones and guitar work made this an absolute joy to record and produce. I had no desire to attempt to vocalize over this one. I think the guitar work speaks for itself. Its a blend of electric styles that I seldom put into studio work, but I liked the pure high end of one of the leads, and it produced itself after that... and about 9 minutes of jamming complete with a bass and drum breakdown at two minutes in. I like the way the track builds, and I hope you will too! Enjoy this recording and explanation of the song "Lavender", by Danny Hauger music.
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This instrumental reminds me of high school days driving with friends through Northern California, simply discussing and exploring concepts of the world, and trying to find our paths. People around the world are trying to do the same things, and find the sustainable resources to allow their safety and resources reinforced. I hope you enjoy this song and will share it with a friend!

Here's another! Download this song free(right click and save)

If I Grow Up, Danny Hauger

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Danny Hauger Podcasts Presents The 2015 Scottish Highland Games

Danny Hauger Podcasts Presents The 2015 Scottish Highland Games

September 7, 2015

What a blast at the Alameda County Fairgrounds! The 150th annual  Scottish Games  were a huge success this year in Pleasanton! Listen in for our special coverage of this wonderful cultural event!  For more information visit

See our YouTube coverage here!

This was my first year attending the Scottish Highland Games, and I could tell instantly upon meeting the fairgoers that this was a family friendly event that had many returning visitors drawn to the fun, games, food, and entertainment celebrating Scottish cultural heritage. In this special edition of Danny Hauger Presents, take a look at photos, video, and live sound captured from the events, including a meeting with Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, the Icelandish powerhouse known by many as "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones. 

So join me and my special guests Jessi, James, Mellisa, and more as we explore the 150th Annual Scottish Highland Games.

Download the episode(right click and save)

Special thanks to the Caledonian Club of San Francisco!

Danny Hauger Interview Guitarist Scott Johnson

Danny Hauger Interview Guitarist Scott Johnson

August 17, 2015

My interview with Gin Blossoms master guitarist Scott Johnson. Love the Gin Blossoms, and Scott's signature licks and sounds make it memorable for a lifetime to visit their older and newer exceptional rock!

----(Back up your data friends! My Ingrid Croce interview was lost to the archives.

I love Jim Croce's music. it speaks to me. I feel his presence when I strum the chord progressions that he laid out more than 40 years ago. When I discovered Jim's music I embarked on a quest to discover more about this unappreciated master of songwriting. I loved his flair for character stories, his ability to create a mood, and his unbelievably insightful ballads. 

I had the privilege to speak with his widow Ingrid, who collaborated and traveled with Jim through his life and career. This is an interview that we recorded circa 2008. It is a treasured gem of mine to reflect on one of my favorite musicians of all time, Jim Croce, and to hopefully extend his talents and music to a new generation of listeners.
I one day got the chance to visit Croce's Park West Restaurant in San Diego, California. I had the chance to thank Ingrid in person for the interview. She does so much to honor Jim's legacy, and it humbles me. Enjoy the interview everyone!
(Audio uploading 8/17... while you wait enjoy "Spin, Spin, Spin" performed by Jim and Ingrid Croce. 
Introducing Let Yourself Enjoy and Teaching Transition to Full-time

Introducing Let Yourself Enjoy and Teaching Transition to Full-time

August 15, 2015

Its true, the transition to a full-time teaching roles has been underway all summer long here at Danny Hauger podcasts! This summer has been full of history reading in preparation for teaching, curriculum mapping, and classroom management policies. It is an exciting time.

A time that has led to a lot of reflection, and an interior monologue to "Let Yourself Enjoy".

My wife says my typing sounds like a drum solo.... I enjoyed that moment just now in real time.

The next post you hear will be a full, free download version, of my new demo, Let Yourself Enjoy. Thanks for listening, please subscribe and come back often. Thanks to all the Danny Hauger music supporters in Northern Europe! I appreciate your words and reaching out with feedback! Cheers!

Soul Asylum Appreciation and Harlows Gig July 28th

Soul Asylum Appreciation and Harlows Gig July 28th

July 24, 2015
Sacramento!! Soul Asylum is coming to Harlow's Restaurant and Nightclub this Tuesday, July 28th! My favorite combination of alternative and rock are coming and Danny Hauger Podcasts with co-host Greg K  will be there to review the venue and one of the finest bands going today!

You might think first of "Runaway Train", but think again, and think much, much more. Soul Asylum is one of the best examples of a band that can mix heartfelt ballads, cynical sarcasm, and punk / alternative mixes. I celebrate their entire library and am excited to hear more new music from Dave Pirner and the guys, who always give the fans an outstanding performance. I love their blends of acoustic and electric guitars when they intermingle on tracks like "Black Gold" and "Without a Trace". Soul Asylum rocks, and continues to record excellent music for fans to appreciate across genre lines.

This podcast samples a few seconds of "Homesick", "By The Way", and "The Juice", some of the dynamic range of the essential rock band Soul Asylum.

All that, and in Sacramento's own Harlows. Do not miss out on one of my five favorite bands of all time, and one of the best shows Sacramento will house in 2015. Make your summer memorable with Soul Asylum this year!

Soul Asylum
Meat Puppets
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Greg and myself will be reviewing the venue, sound, menu, and experience of Harlow', come out and meet us at the show!

Plus, the Harlow's calendar is stacked all summer long! Tickets are available for great shows like Baby Bash, Noah Guthrie, and more. Visit for the latest concert calendar
Check out the

Order your tickets now for Will Call pick-up online, or by phone, or stop by and enjoy Harlow's goodness any day of the week!

Harlow's Nightclub
2708 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 •  (916) 441-4693

See you at the Soul Asylum show on Tuesday!

-Danny Hauger Podcasts

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Trainwreck, WWE Battleground, and Social Studies Teaching

Trainwreck, WWE Battleground, and Social Studies Teaching

July 19, 2015

Yes, they are linked. Amy Schumer managed to market a crude and vulgar comedy that exceeds expectations in making a social critique about maturing and coming of age in a touching and credible film performance. WWE Battleground goes live in a few hours, showing huge athletes that remember miles of dialogue each week with no cue cards and push the boundaries of sports, entertainment, and theater, and I am trying to encompass all of this while wrapping a comprehensive and dynamic classroom environment to teach Social Studies.

Subscribe and play today's podcast to find out how... and get a free download of my song "I Want You" on our next episode. Thanks for listening everybody!

WWE Battleground Predictions

  • Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt - Reigns easily defeats Wyatt (who can't win at PPVs)
  • The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day (Tag Team Championship) - Primetime Players retain
  • Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - I hear voices.saying Orton wins by an RKO out of nowhere
  • John Cena wins the rubber match against Kevin Owens with 3 AAs
  • Seth Rollins steals a win from Brock Lesnar to build for Summerslam rematch

And now back to the music!
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Birdman, Taking the CSET, Toronto, and Slow Dance Intro

Birdman, Taking the CSET, Toronto, and Slow Dance Intro

July 9, 2015

This week I look for the artist behind the theme from Birdman on Nintendo 64's Pilotwings, I take the CSET placement exam, I thank our friends from Toronto, and I dive into introducing this week's free song - "Slow Dance" including a story about the debut of this song at Cinco De Mayo Fest. Have a great week!

Thanks to all the new and returning fans! "If I Grow Up" is now live on Google Play for $5.99!

If I Grow Up, Danny Hauger

Its available now also on iTunes ($10) and Amazon ($8). 

Download the song "Losing Sleep" FREE from Danny Hauger Podcasts (right click and save) The latest Danny Hauger album release celebrates home produced, written, and recorded songs from 10 year acoustic performer Danny Hauger from California. Support the show, become a patron today! Tips are also accepted to support my music.

"Last night took a long walk, overwhelming my mind.
Struggling to find faces, that would rather not see mine."

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Toronto Tour 2015 with Danny Hauger Podcasts

Toronto Tour 2015 with Danny Hauger Podcasts

June 25, 2015

Tour Toronto! You'll be glad you did! Danny Hauger Podcasts presents the 2015 Tour of Toronto, with thanks from See Toronto Now, we had an AMAZING time on Ontario, watch the YouTube video with photos and recordings, or listen to our podcast episode with Danny and Jessica Hauger, encouraging all of our listeners to get out and see beautiful Toronto!

Download and listen to our Tour of Toronto! (right click +save)

In just one week we experienced a multitude adventurous ranging from the educational to the entertaining, from the hilarious to the heart warming. Our visit to Toronto was a week we will never forget. In this edition of Danny and Jessica abroad, we visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We learn a lot about the origins, modern day, and future of one of Canada's most popular cities.  All of the audio was recorded live in Canada!!


The podcast is represented through a conversation featuring flashbacks from live audio on location in Toronto's best sites to visit with Danny and Jessica Hauger!

Listen in as we explore some of the major attractions of the city, including Casa Loma, CN Tower, the Rogers Centre, and so much more. Join us in our adventure through Toronto, an unforgettable week and beautiful Ontario.

A heartfelt and huge thank you to our friends at See Toronto Now, start planning your trip today at their website and find out all of the latest events and news from the area.

The main thing we want to say in our travel podcast is that there are many friends that you have never met, in places that you have never visited.

It's a big world out there and one that's worth exploring!

Podcast coverage is hosted by a live wrap up at Pearson International Airport, and flashbacks from our visit of Toronto including live podcast audio and links from:


Plan your trip today! See Toronto Now!

All photos and audio copyright Danny Hauger 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

YouTube Video uploading currently, check back soon!

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