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December 2, 2009  

Health Communications Researcher at Wayne State University.



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November 21, 2009  

Danny Hauger interviews Gerard Anderson about the recent win against UCLA at Pauley Pavillion on AM 830, KLAA in Anaheim, and their upcoming game against New Mexico State at titan Gym.
French's Corner talks local and professional sports every Saturday afternoon, tune in on AM 830 and call into the corner (toll free) 877-8-830-830.
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Gerard Anderson

Listen to the interview from AM 830

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November 17, 2009  

Aired live at 6:05 on AM 830 KLAA. Voice of the Titans Danny Hauger joins Jeff Biggs on the afternoon drive to talk about the Titans beating the Bruins at Pauley Pavillion on Monday night.

Listen to Jeff Biggs on The Drive on AM 830 weekdays from 3 to 7 PM.

Jeff Biggs

October 13, 2009  

Matt helps his grandma's shed, Duck's Hockey, Ducks, Angel's and Dodgers Update,
Word of the day - exculpate
President Obama vs. Obama, can't wait for Ryan Miller from Guster to call.
Skiing vs. Snowboarding and how to...

Segment 2 picks up at 12:30 (min:sec) - in an office environment, for a short lived interview segment
Matt laughs a lot

Price tiers for celebrity sperm donations.
Spray painting donkeys into zebras
Matt Vidovich sets up his Billy Mays impersonation (23:00)

Crashing into the median and safe driving techniques, and Matt's sister

Respect for Mike Judge, and King of the Hill, Matt talks about the film Extract.

Listen to this episode, The Interview!

The show talks about stuff, then Ryan Miller from Guster calls in.

October 13, 2009  

Recorded live Tuesday, 2:50 PM on Titan Radio. Thanks Ryan for taking the time!

Listen to this episode


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October 1, 2009  

Interview recorded live Thursday, October 1st, 2009
From www.pwstreet.com, and "Positively Wall Street", Professional Money Manager Bill Gunderson generously gives his time to talk about investments and the importance of starting young. Designed to help college students think about their financial plans, this interview focuses on:

How Bill got interested in investments
Young people have a lot of things, mostly to do with iphone apps, texting bills, and clothing styles, but we do have time...
How to begin investing
Value investing and mutual fund
Growing money over time
The importance of starting young
Making a financial plan and a budget
Starting with $1,000 dollars to age 60
The importance of being positive

You might say you have nothing to invest with, but remember, a little bit today can be a big difference later, hope this will help you on your way to long term financial success. I want to thank Bill, for taking some valuable time to share some valuable ideas with us, thanks Bill!

Listen to this interview

"Positively Wall Street is heard live on AM 830 on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM. to learn more about Bill, visit his website.

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September 22, 2009  

Interview with Scotty Johnson, lead guitarist of the awesome alternative band, The Gin BLossoms, and Titan Talk with Matt and Danny
Listen to the Scotty Johnson interview here!

Plus, Titan Talk, September 22nd, 2009, discusses:
The basic decency of the average human being
Getting stolen from...politely
The Emmy Awards - winners and losers, Simpsons (36:00 in), Family Guy, South Park
Jyrus checks in and tries to plug his show
Offbeat news including: Man crushed by cow (splat story of the week), finding a severed hand in your yard, a New York reporter plucks a chicken on the air, 3,000 golf balls in Joshua tree national park (42:00),

Jairus tries to fill a minute of dead air (44:32)

Eating contests, and those that want to watch Kobayashi
An interrupting mallard duck enters the studio, Ducks Hockey getting ready to break the ice (49:10)
and more...


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September 10, 2009  

Interview with CCR bass player Stu Cook, Recorded September 9th, 2009. from Titan Radio Studios.
Danny interviews rock legend Stu Cook from Creedence Clearwater Revisited, an original member of a band that changed the course of American Rock music as we know it.
Creedence Clearwater Revisited Plays the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, a beautiful venue not far from Cal State Fullerton, the concert is September 19th, Stu Cook, and Doug Clifford, original members from Creedence Clearwater Revival.
This interview discusses the band's history, hard work in music as a career, new album, Stu's favorite moments, the state fair in Alaska, international audiences, relationship with the band, modern music production, and more.
Stu - "We started out with a dream."
Here is the Interview

Danny, Great interview!

CCR was always and continues to be one of my favorites. I still have their albums! Their music always takes me back and lifts my spirits. That dates me for sure, but I don’t care. Once a fan always a fan.

June 29, 2009  

Have a question for a police officer?

A 28 year veteran to the Orange County area as a police officer, and six year marine from age 17 in the Bronx, New York, takes time to talk to Danny live on Titan Radio. He answers questions and relays advice and insight on:

-Johnny Law's new Sunday night radio show at 7 PM on AM 830

What is the most pressing legal issue that college students should be aware of?
Thoughts about the recent Lakers victory, and the incidents of crowds and shenanigans following the final championship victory.
Protocol for communicating with an officer

Johnny's time in the Marine Corp

What, if any, misunderstandings about police officer’s do you think there are from the general public?
What’s the most rewarding of your job?
What’s the most challenging part of your work?
Is there a compelling human interest story you can share with us?
Taking the good and the bad, what’s your opinion on humanity and human nature as a whole?
Thoughts on the state of the nation
What would you tell yourself at age 21?

Thank you Johnny for joining me for the conversation, of which brought great insight into the life of a police officer, and the importance of all of our civil servants and community partners.

Johnny can be heard live Sunday evenings at 7 PM on AM 830, KLAA.
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November 21, 2008  

Thanks for granting the time Josh!

Future NBA star, and Point Guard of the Cal State Fullerton Titans, Josh Akognon, live from Titan Radio.

Video below

September 8, 2008  

Jim Croce was an unmatched singer songwriter who made his name with such timeless classics as "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown", and "Time in a Bottle".

The late Jim Croce's widow was gracious enough to grant me an interview on Monday, September 9th, from Titan Radio studios.

In memory and honor of Jim Croce (1943-1973).

When in San Diego, visit Croce's Restaurant and Blues house : )

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