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June 13, 2019  

Best in the World is a title that few people rightly own, and Lily Hevesh deserves it.

Lily’s website, Hevesh5.com is a fantastic place to link to her projects. Lily and her work setting up the finest domino collisions in the world embody the word patience. Her dedication and persistence, and the magic of her videos, have been viewed by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. The world’s best domino artist has a lot to say about her process, focus, process, and inspiration when creating her unique artform. We talk about the triple spiral, working Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show, and how she prepares the world best domino collision art. 

 Watch Lily's outstanding work at her YouTube Channel.

Learn more about Lily and her creations at Hevesh5.com

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Two Sides

January 8, 2019  

Matthew Caws is one of the five biggest songwriting inspirations of my life. Nada Surf music is a joy to listen to, and so are his side projects. Their music has elevated my tastes, enjoyment of music, and Matthew's ability to transform energy of a mood is very restorative for me, personally. It's my honor to present a very enjoyable conversation with a peek into Nada Surf Rehearsal recording, songwriting, meaning of music, and how we can be more kind to one another. Enjoy my interview with Matthew Caws from Nada surf. 

Matthew has a new single, We are Into the Wild and We are Home".  produced with John Davis of Superdrag. Go enjoy that! And take a listen to my new album "Two Sides"

John Davis & Matthew Caws

And the new Danny Hauger album is out!

December 2, 2018  

We are launching a brand new channel - Inspiring Teachers! We are providing weekly interviews and teaching tips on YouTube and Podbean, and invite you to join and listen to some amazing educators from around the country! In our new show, Tavis Beem and Danny Hauger discuss the “why” of teaching. Through interviews, empowering stories, current events, and teachable moments, Beem and Hauger bring inspiring stories from the classroom to the show.

In this special preview, you will hear our Inspiring Teachers Show interview with Michelle Ferre from Pocketful of Primary (Support her on YouTube and TeachersPayTeachers). We discuss how teachers can inspire students to be themselves, and make an impact on the world. You can now subscribe to Inspiring Teachers on iTunes.

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December 18, 2017  

Doris Burke has long been someone I admired not just for her broadcasting gifts and abilities, but her tenacity and drive for success. I find myself similar in many ways, the serious way of approaching work and career and driving to be the best that we can, while still valuing a sense of gratitude and authenticity. I was so appreciative that Doris carved out a few minutes to talk to my students and I am thrilled to bring you this interview. Doris is best known for her work as an NBA analyst for ESPN and has had a storied career in sports broadcasting.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and subscribe for more content here on Danny Hauger Podcasts. We talk about the beginning of her career in broadcasting, her favorite NBA athlete to work with, advancing through broadcasting opportunities in New York, her role in the creation of voice overs for the NBA 2k18 video game, and her advice for young people and those seeking to be successful in broadcasting an in taking opportunities as they come in life. My students will love this motivation and I hope you will enjoy listening to it as well.


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November 21, 2017  

On November 20th, 17th I had the chance to go and interview my former teacher and mentor Melba Pattillo Beals. Melba was my radio teacher at Dominican University of California, she was also Communications Department chair, and this interview features conversation about history, parenting, and loving yourself and others around you. In a year and a half at San Rafael, I was fortunate enough to gain a wider lens to focus my own perspective. I was taken back mentally to the college classroom above the library where we met twice a week. I hope you enjoy this conversation nearly as much as I did. It was really nice to sit and discuss philosophy and outlook on life with Melba.

Melba inspired me to take a challenging road once and a while, and value myself along the road of life, even when you can't see what's coming around the corner. There were a lot of takeaway quotes from Melba, and I decided to highlight a few of the most motivating quotes with on screen caption.

This interview is a touching part of my past and my future simultaneously. I think we all can gain some insights and perspective from Melba's wisdom. We discuss education, faith, and potential, among many other topics. Not just a conversation about Central High School in Little Rock, we discuss a wide range of topics and I found it both informative and entertaining. To me, Its a cross section of American history and humanity. It was a pleasure to get to spend so much time discussing the uplifting side of the human spirit. Thank you Melba!

Download all episodes from the Hauger History Podcast at http://haugerhistory.podbean.com designed for Middle School Social Studies students. Support this free podcast and get in touch at www.dannyhauger.com for booking live events.

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September 22, 2017  

A Happy and and healthy welcome to you into today’s edition of the Hauger History Podcast, I’m pretty thrilled today to speak with one of the most multi-talented musicians I’ve had the opportunity to listen to. Joe Pisapia joins me, a singer-songwriter, producer, and performer who has worked with the esteemed likes of Ben Folds, Guster, and The Silver Seas, and is now launching a Pledge Music Campaign, which I hope you will all support at https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/joepisapia


Some of the questions that we discuss in today’s interview:

  • On https://www.joepisapia.net/ there are dozens of creative projects and albums that your stamp has been left on. Where does Joe’s musical gene come from?
  • If I had a paint mixer of influences, or a Mount Rushmore of musical me, I have Soul Asylum, Jim Croce, Guster, Nada Surf, and the Gin Blossoms. Who is on yours?
  • I love all of your cover art, nightvision, Wake My heart, they are almost sand-like mosaics of pleasing tones. Where do the covers come from?
  • “Guster on Ice” is one of my favorite DVDs, a live performance from Guster in Portland, Maine. What is the production like on a project like that?
  • I played your song, “River Song” on Titan Radio at CSUF a lot, whenever my co-host would tell stories about camping, and I began to identify with a lot of your solo work then. What inspires you to write?
  • What’s your recording and engineering philosophy with your music?
  • Tell us about your Pledge Music campaign, you’ve got some amazing items and thank you’s available!

I pledged today, in the hopes that my music is found by new artists, and I want to thank Joe for his influences on me and all of fans old and new!

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October 29, 2016  

Recorded on Titan Radio at Cal State Fullerton in 2009 by then General Manager Danny Hauger. Glen and Danny discuss Toad the Wet Sprocket, the Works Progress Administration, new music and old through changing systems and music industry evolution. Its a discussion of music, recording, approaches to performing, and life.

October 28, 2016  

Scott Johnson remains one of my favorite guitarists of all time, from one of my favorite bands, the Gin Blossoms. I would say that I listen to at least one Gin Blossoms song daily on my car ride, radio, Pandora, Spotify, or otherwise. They have been a part of my growing up, inspiration for my own music, and a timeline as I saw the song "29" seem very far away, and now I am living it. Thanks to Scott Johnson, who in 2009, took time to be a part of my Titan Radio interview series, and we talk about the brilliance of touring, recording, and persisting to create outstanding music through so many excellent albums. Enjoy!

March 4, 2016  

Guster is my heart band. I am and have been a forever fan of the group from the first time I watched the movie "Life as a House". It was right around the time I began exploring IMDB movie facts and kept seeing references to this band Guster. Then I found out that the soundtrack that kept me connected to the movie was all by the band. From that point on it seems my musical sphere of influence was permanently laden with Guster vibe. This year at the Fillmore in San Francisco we celebrated Valentine's Day with the best band around and it reminded me to "Keep it Together" and re-share this chat I had with Ryan Miller from Guster in 2009 when I was the General Manager of Titan Radio. Enjoy the show! Every once and a while I love to spotlight the influences who helped define Danny Hauger music!

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June 4, 2013  

On June 3rd, the Festival of Arts Pageant of The Masters presented select media with a preview of the 80th celebration of art and creativity that is part of the very fabric of Orange County.  The 2013 festivities will officially begin on opening night, June 21st, 2013.

Podcast Powered By Danny Hauger Podcasts

The exclusive preview showcased six of the famous tableauxs featuring live people in famous works of art, meetings and interviews with Festival creators, staff, and volunteers, and art on display from local creators. Enjoy some highlights of this preview night which certainly present an exciting sample of things to come at the 2013 Pageant of The Masters! The video includes an interview with David Rymer one of the painters for the larger displays that astounds audiences annually, also discussing his career and how he became involved with the event.

This podcast features interviews and live sound from the event, and a slideshow with videos gives a glimpse into the wonder and creativity that is at the heart of The Pageant of the Masters. Also in the video are some some behind the scenes photos of the tireless make up and costume work by the many volunteers involved.

Photos courtesy Danny Hauger and Ashley Salzmann. Enjoy the preview, tickets are available online here for the 2013 Festival of Arts Pageant of The Masters. Take a look out the complete 2013 Program!

Admission Information:

Festival of Arts Fine Art Show: June 30 – August 31, 2013

Hours of Operation

  • June 30 – July 4, 2013 open 10 am – 6 pm
  • July 5 – August 31, 2013 open 10 am – 11:30 pm
  • August 24 closes at 3:30pm

Festival of Arts California’s Premier Fine Art Show

As one of the nation’s oldest and most highly acclaimed juried fine art shows, the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts has offered a breathtaking showcase for artists and art lovers for over 80 years. The Festival’s prestigious juried art show includes a wide variety of media such as paintings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, hand crafted wood and furniture, ceramics, glass and more – all by 140 of Orange County’s finest artists.  This is the place to find that perfect art treasure for your home or business.

From late June through the end of August, the Festival of Arts opens its doors daily for visitors to not only enjoy the award-winning work of exhibited artists, but also demonstrations and art workshopsdaily art tours, live music, special eventson-site restaurants and much more. Call 1-800-487-3378 for more details.

February 4, 2013  

Fans of live music, alternative rock, and the marvelous songwriting of Glen Phillips will have an evening to remember on March 7th at Belly Up in Solana Beach, California! What a great time to re-post my interview with front man and innovative writer Glen Phillips and offer the opportunity for a great show at the historical Belly Up! Some great names along with up and coming acts on their calendar. There is a wide range of genres for music lovers of all kinds.

Two particular shows have prompted me to finally get down the freeway to Solana Beach and  review Belly U's tradition, acoustics, and overall vibe. I am looking forward to seeing a show at this historic house of music in Southern California.  Something about Toad brings a pure sound, thoughtful lyrics, and a well constructed tempo that sings in harmony as well as any band from the style. The energy level flows through the audience for a thoroughly enjoyable concert that has a dynamic versatility lost to many bands today as the group transitions from upbeat rock to reflective ballads. Belly Up will be THE best place to be many nights of the year, and March 7th is no exception - when Toad the Wet Sprocket comes to town!

Enjoy a sample of the interview here, and more from www.mediadanny.com

Interview Archives

  • (The Complete Interview) Songwriter Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket - Listen
  • Musician Ryan Miller of Guster Download - Listen
  • Guitarist Scott Johnson of the Gin Blossoms - Coming soon
  • More available from my podcast! Subscribe via iTunes!

Toad the Wet Sprocket

Another HUGE thrill on this Monday as I write, for just having been visiting the new Soul Asylum website to find that these guitar heroes from Minnesota are making their way to the west coast in 2013! So I will be assured to be found in Solana Beach once again on April 4th to hop onto that "Runaway Train"

much further into the rich tapestry of discography that is the Asylum. Everything from "String of Pearls" to the excellent new tunes of the past two albums including "Delayed Reaction" , lot of to love about this group! By the way (Dave Pirner tears it up live!) Be there! This is going to be one of the best Southern California rock shows of 2013, don't miss out!

If you have not seen these two acts, do yourself a pleasant and audible favor and direct your mouse right over here (and take a look at the complete line-up on the official Belly Up website:

Toad the Wet Sprocket Mar 07 BELLY UP (Solana Beach, CA) $25.00 Buy Now >>

Soul Asylum
Apr 04 BELLY UP (Solana Beach, CA) $20.00 Buy Now >>
January 3, 2013  

Honestly one of my favorite voices of all time, Tim Kitzrow, the voice over and announcer hero from NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, and dozens more video games from the arcade and home consoles. My audio here graciously takes time for an interview with me in February of 2012. Tim recently has re-released his "on fire" audio specialties with thousands of brilliant lines in the new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition that is downloadable on your next-generation system at home. From MLB Slugfest through NFL Blitz & NBA Jam, few people have been more notable voices in sports entertainment, and it is a pleasure to bring you this interview courtesy of Tim Kitzrow.

Tim Kitzrow

P.S. video game lovers - NFL BLitz was the top selling game for PSN in January, and that Jam "On fire edition" was the top game in it's release month back in October/November. Plus, a preview of the new <a title="NBA Jam Rap" href="  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2-rRPFcjs">NBA jam rap</a> coming out! Check out his <a title="Boomshakalaka" href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Boom-Shaka-Laka-Kitzrow-NBA-Jam-NFL-Blitz/280354725351802?sk=wall">Boomshakalaka Facebook page!</a> NBA Jam Some questions in this interview include:

<span>-Tell us about the genesis of NBA JAM with Mark Turmel in Chicago. -What game do you prefer playing? Modern graphics and high definition, or the logoless jerseys and squeaking court shoes of the original? - You have over 20 credits to your name, aside from NBA Jam, what are you most proud of? -What was your writing process like? -favorite NBA player all-time -Favorite NBA team all-time -Who excites you in the modern NBA game? -If you could take the experience lines of three resumes from any people, who would you choose? -What would you tell yourself at age 24 if you could speak to yourself now?</span>

Tim took time to visit with me on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, to talk the genesis of NBA Jam with Mark Turmel, the recording process, writing for video games, and the classics we grew up with and continue to enjoy today.  With that - the Boomshakalaka man himself, Tim Kitzrow. For more interviews visit www.mediadanny.com Everyone enjoys saving money while they shop online. With new sites popping up all the time for finding deals, some stand out above the competition. Fair and honest dealings are dealt daily at DealDash where you can find just about everything you could ever imagine up for auctions that you can depend on. Users understand the process of making a shopping and bidding experience enjoyable and trustworthy. Being able to shop confidently around the auctions is crucial to the design and functionality of the website. There are thousands of great deals with thorough descriptions and lots of photos to navigate before clicking on that decision to bid. If you miss an item, another one could be right around the corner. The site is designed to be easy to access and you could easily find yourself amazed by the quality and quantity of the items that are up for auction on DealDash. See for yourself today, you can have an account in moments or browse through as a guest to see how many unique options there are for you to add to your collection or start one altogether. The options are countless on the site and everything is handled very well by DealDash.

Thanks for visiting the podcast everybody! Much more at MediaDanny.com

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