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November 21, 2008  

Written by Grant Mueller, Danny Hauger, produced by Danny Hauger.

Found in Cozy Corner episode 6 - "Uncouth"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Video below -

And a new video for Boo's Clues, artwork by Jess -

October 29, 2008  

featuring Danny Hauger as Dr. Osafun, and Grant Mueller as Mr. Garfunkel.

Enjoy the riotous pent up anger of a 30 year tenure professor ostracized by the community, yells at children.

Part of Cozy Corner episode 3, television.

"How many Senators are there in the US Congress."


"Four? In the whole freakin country? What's a matter with you Billy, why don't you read the freakin book and come to class prepared once and a while. Oh I hate you so much!"

Written by Danny Hauger with additional content from Grant Mueller.

Also enjoy the informational presence of Sociology of the Family.


October 27, 2008  

Episode 3 - Television.

A series of tv parodies, sketches and skits by Danny Hauger.

Guest appearances: Aaron Eastwood, Grant Mueller, Alex Jaich

Hope you enjoy it, tell your friends, subscribe to itunes via the link on the right.

Sketches include:

Boo's Clues, Infotainment, and a dozen others. Thanks for listening, additional sketches may be added prior to Wednesday, so check back and have a good week.

July 25, 2008  

"That last one's in dollars and cents!..."

Written by Danny Hauger

Produced by Grant Mueller

In/Out Announcer credit: Aaron Eastwood

(Titan Talk returns late August, 6:00 to 7:00 PM PST)

Thanks for listening, Bookmark with (Ctrl + D), come back often, and thanks to Podbean

- Danny

July 25, 2008  

"Learn everything there is to know about becoming the little terror your parents always feared you would be..."

From the people who brought your G&D's Automated Automotive Major Motor Maker Markdowns.

Written by Danny Hauger and Grant Mueller.

Produced by Danny Hauger.

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