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Cozy Corner 2.6 The Hadron Collider

Cozy Corner 2.6 The Hadron Collider

May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!
Out of order episode 2.7, featuring
Starting with a live broadcast exclusive from the Hadron Collider, an interview with worker Henry and Henry's Boss, and thanks to Dwarfel for arranging the interview in Geneva, unfortunately the COllider knocked Cozy Corner into the past, making this episode 6 of season 2.
This podcast uploaded from Lodi, California.
This episode also features short sketches
Shivon's idea to make $700 million on our new viral website idea
A friend's contagiously annoying laugh
Cozy Corner Somali Pirates
The danger of fireworks and their impact on counting with your fingers
Bus Driver Sam
Peter the pinball wizard loses his focus
Cows talk to each other
The dangers of Hot Air Ballooning
BEfore and after - joining an angry mob
The starting lineup for the Long Beach Dirtbags is announced live
The secret life of ants
and My Advice - Replacing license plate frames

Outro featuring Carl's pets - written and produced by Aaron

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...Our best at Cozy Corner to all the firefighters in Santa Barbara...I flew in from Sacramento today and the smoke was arching over the horizon...videohere

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Here's a request from Jan in Balitmore, Maryland (or Bawlmore, right Jan?) Either way Jan, here is your mother's day request, It's Rent-A-Family!

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Putz says thanks to Oprah for free chicken and Happy Cinco!

Putz says thanks to Oprah for free chicken and Happy Cinco!

May 5, 2009

Download oprah's chicken here! Save yourself $5 and enjoy a Cozy Corner podcast while you eat for free!

And get your free chicken from KFC, courtesy Oprah and her philanthropic checkbook, here's the link:

So take the big corporate cats for all they're willing to give, if its free, its for me, and now for you too. Come back soon for a new Cozy Corner, complete with Connie Culp's new face (more real skin than the KFC chicken perhaps), and without any swine flu, have a great week!

My advice - How Not to Install licence plate frames

My advice - How Not to Install licence plate frames

May 2, 2009

Be careful out there, inspired by a true story, unrelated to this segment. From the Upcoming episode of Cozy Corner, an advance on your allowance if you wish.

Thanks for listening!

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Swine Flu and the MMORPG of Life CC 2.7

Swine Flu and the MMORPG of Life CC 2.7

April 29, 2009

Cozy Corner Season 2, Episode 7. Thanks to Twitter listeners for checking in repeatedly from MExico, Finland, China, and the UK. I appreciate the international appeal, and I do hope everyone is taking care of themselves out there,take a break from the media scare coverage and enjoy a laugh, thanks for listening!

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Swine Flu Update on The Show with Matt V

Swine Flu Update on The Show with Matt V

April 27, 2009

Swine Flu continues to sweep accross Mexico, the US, and most rampantly - the American media. Three college students weigh in on the significance of another epidemic of medical hysteria. We hope those that are ill get better, but we also hope this isn't a complete reliving of the bird flu outbreak. Either way, wash your hands, and enjoy the show! Includes live field reporting from Danny near the Swine flu.
Show Contents:
-Swine flu and the overcoverage of the news media
-Canada Air pilot fails alcohol test before a flight
-Matt on Senior citizens climbing stairs
-The internet, Domino's Pizza youtube video, and privacy on the net, with Twitter at the helm

Thanks to Matt V for having us on the show, and Mark for joining in.

And with that, we'll keep an eye on the swine flu watch from a Southern California perspective, check back for updates, or subscirbe via itunes to Danny Hauger Podcasts


Hopefully everyone is getting the care that they need, espeially in Mexico where the flu is spreading most rapidly. Tuesday, April 28th. Mexico City, which is reported to be the epicenter, will hopefully get some help from other cuntries with medications to provide for its citizens.

Cozy Corner Kids - Episode 2.5

Cozy Corner Kids - Episode 2.5

April 24, 2009

This mega sized episode of improv synthesizes childhood memories, sketch by Danny, Grant, and Aaron. We think back to what it would be like if we had met as kids. We talk about all aspects of grade school life including lunch, the playground, classroom shenanigans, art class, PE, Oregon trail, future expectations, taunts and teases, and the joys of being a kid. Take a moment and think about your own childhood, wenjoy this episode of Cozy Corner - Cozy Corner Kids!

This superchunk also includes:
One word Japanese
Did you ever?
Grace K and Marissa Duran play the Umm game

Graphical designer? Send your Cozy Corner logo to for a chance to have it placed for thousands to see.

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Putz Takes Flight in Cozy Corner 2.03

Putz Takes Flight in Cozy Corner 2.03

April 3, 2009

Fly or die, Here's the newest episode of Cozy Corner! Episode 3 of Season 2. Enjoy!

Going to the movies? Paul Rudd in I Love You man - not the worst way to go, if that's not a rousing encouragement, enjoy the newest (fully improvised) playdio, Cozy Corner - "Putz Takes Flight". Putz and Garfunkel travel to the pet store in hopes of replacing a pet bird.

Following the Final Four? Villanova could seek an upset, but I see Tarheel tracks running through the championship now that Memphis is out. Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast via itunes, by clicking the link on the right of this page.

Looking for Danny Hauger live? Live guitar performance Saturday, April 19th at the SWE charity show. First (and maybe last) live show of 2009 from DHX. I'm on Twitter,

Out of Context Cozy Corner 2.02

Out of Context Cozy Corner 2.02

March 13, 2009

s2e2, "Out of Context" features two new sketches, an Aaron Eastwood mock promo, Grant as Mark the testimonial-er, and Danny as Senor Es Muerte. Enjoy Cozy Corner on itunes by searching Danny Hauger Podcasts. Thanks for listening everybody! Free download below!

I would like to take a moment to thank the CSU Fullerton chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for their event held on campus last week, and for the award for "First Place in Radio Sports Reporting". It was a pleasure to be nominated, and a great moment to perform for everyone, thanks in particular to America Arias and Marytrini! You both did a great job on the event.

"Senior Danny Hauger received an award from the Society of Professional Journalism for best

Sports Reporting broadcast of 2008-2009. Danny served as the play-by-play broadcaster for the

Fullerton Titans home men's basketball games this season. America Arias presented the award to

Hauger and the crowd was treated to an impromptu guitar performance as the crowd sang along.

Danny accepted the award on behalf of Titan Radio, where he serves as General Manager. He

thanked Dr. Lee Bentley and Eraj Shadaram for their support and help with his entries. He

encouraged all students to take advantage of the great resources on campus, citing Titan Radio

and Titan Communicatons as prime examples. He thanked the SPJ for providing such a great event

and supporting student projects, and ended with a "Go Titans" as he walked off the stage. Danny

has been at Titan Radio for four semester, promoted from News Director to Program Director, and

now to General Manager. He is a Radio, Television, and Film Major with a minor in Human


Cozy Corner - Autotune - s02e01

Cozy Corner - Autotune - s02e01

March 3, 2009

Farewell to Paul Harvey, a pioneer of the radio industry, thank you for your contributions to the medium of radio. Paul Harvey (1918 -2009). Cozy Corner is Back! With intro from Brian McKnight

Another real radio moment: farewell to KLSX FM talk radio in Los Angeles, California. for that matter, all the part timers who made that station look good at promo events. Best wishes to all the line workers, board ops, and salespeople that made KLSX what it was. DJ's on air at that station include Adam Corolla, Frosty Heidi and Frank, Tom Leykis, and more that will now have to re-invent themselves elsewhere. Another hit taken for talk radio in the increasingly heated battle between conglomerate bottom lines and the search for quality talk radio.

Welcome Back to Cozy Corner, Grab a snack and enjoy season 2, episode One, "Autotune" . This episode recorded in Fullerton and Stockton, California. This episode features:


On this day in Cozy Corner history, featuring ancient Eurpoean and Russian history , a conversation with sir Autotune, and more!

Outro includes a real survey from an online survey dealer about hair, shampoo, and conditioner, enjoy the show and subscribe to itunes: Danny Hauger podcasting!

Cozy Corner, Now mortgage and foreclosure free! Find DannyHauger on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and itunes

On another note, my thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost loved ones in the recent plane crashes accross the United States and the world, why do things happen in clusters? There was seven crashes in the last eleven days. Best of senses to all pilots out there!

Have a great week everyone!

One Sick Putz - Putz and Garfunkel #4

One Sick Putz - Putz and Garfunkel #4

February 25, 2009

Improvised radio episode 4, Putz and Garfunkel take a trip to the Pharmacy to help Putz recover from his not so common cold.
If you're sick, take care of yourself. Enjoy some completely improvised comedy radio from Cozy Corner studios.

Thanks for listening worldwide!

More fun than billions in bailout money, without the corporate sponsorship or format flips!

Putz and Garfunkel 3, The Speed Mixer

Putz and Garfunkel 3, The Speed Mixer

February 11, 2009

In this episode, Putz drags Garfunkel to a speed dating seminar. An initially uninterested Garfunkel finds romance and success gathering phone numbers as Putz wonders about Astronomy and reasons why he can't find a partner. Tune in and listen to our two friends as they search for love in a world they don't belong in.

This episode is 100% improvised by Grant and Danny, recorded live in one take. Subscribe to this podcast on itunes by clicking the link to the right, or searching for "Danny Hauger Podcasts".

Thanks for listening!

Anyone interested in art design or making logos, feel free to submit ideas or sketches in exchange for advertising.

- Danny

Putz and Garfunkel, Fish Family Broadway, Episode Two

Putz and Garfunkel, Fish Family Broadway, Episode Two

January 30, 2009

Episode 2 of completely improvised comedy. Performed by Danny Hauger (Putz) and Grant Mueller (Dr. Garfunkel).

One situation sparked this 20+ minutes of improvised radio comedy, thanks for listening!

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Thanks for listening, tell your friends, and then their grandparents - to tell their other grandkids.

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