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Between 2007 and 2010 I was fortunate enough to have the greatest job in the world, the General Manager of Titan Internet Radio at California State University, Fullerton.

This was a tremendous time meeting with some of the brightest and funniest broadcasters to be. We were a massively creative bunch, digging through vinyl crates, announcing Titan Sports, and for me, writing and recording sketch radio comedy. Flash forward nearly a decade and I am inundated with podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang, Spontaneanation, and Smodcast, which are very much in the stream on consciousness that I once delved into myself.

While I was watching a Podcasters' Round table with Ray Ortega, I considered creating a "best of" segment with my Titan Radio show "Cozy Corner". Out came my hard drive, and the adventure had begun. A break from curriciulum and lesson planning, I dove deep into the mind of college me, adn this was the result. This was some of the most fun that I could find in my records from what was, "Cozy Corner". Enjoy, I did!

Speaking of being thankful, my guy Miguel Cervantes is the best graphic designer I know. Check out his online portfolio, he supported me, and I want to return the favor.

I am working hard to salvage more of my digital library for another edition of "best of", but if this is all there is, then thats all there is, but the memories and laughs in my mind will live forever. Thanks for listening everyone. Big props to Grant Mueller and Aaron Eastwood for playing a big part in Cozy Corner! I think I have enough of 4 episodes to make at least one more volume this week. There are some classics in here.

Here's a greeting you may be receiving soon if you travel back in time to 2008:

cozy 08 christmas

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DannyFamilyPortrait20110225_2albumpromo.jpgI just re-discovered this thought to be This is a long lost promo for Cozy Corner edited and produced by German Aguilera.  Totally worth podcasting and thoroughly enjoying once again.  Thanks German! Includes a not so bad Bill Walton impersonation.

Cozy Corner ran for two years on Cal State Fullerton's Titan Radio. You can hear more sketch radio from Cozy Corner by selecting it from the categories section of this page.

Titan Talk Ran for three seasons through 30 episodes.

Past shows have been hosted by Danny Hauger, and John Lam

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Review from Jude, Irvine, CA: "Hi I was at Borders Friday Night and you gave your Cd to me. I Loved it by the way .... Me and my friend (lamese) that was with me are sharing it :) were actually listening to it as I'm writing this .... Thanks again :)"

Hauger's style is a modern mix of modern, alternative, acoustic, and instrumental genres influenced by bands like the Gin Blossoms, Oasis, Green Day, Guster, Ryan Adams, and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Hauger's music has aired on KSTN, KLAA, Titan Radio, and Dominican Radio. His acoustic led intuition for blending alternative and modern rock for a unique one man production live and recorded.

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Past gigs... Saint Mary's High School - Stockton, CA Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - Santa Cruz, CA University of the Pacific - Stockton, CA The Blackwater Cafe - Stockton, CA San Joaquin Delta College - Stockton, CA Dominican University of California - San Rafael, CA Marnie's - Oakland, CAFollow DannyHauger on Twitter University of San Francisco dorms - SF, CA Pier 39, San Francisco, CA The Pier, Newport Beach, CA Titan Theater - Cal State Fullerton - Fullerton, CA Cantina Lounge - Fullerton, CA The Blue Cafe - Huntington Beach - CA Numii Lounge - Debut Show - Tustin, CA Borders Bookstore @ The District, Tustin, CA

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New Guster album review - here

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 phone survey parody by Danny Hauger Productions, 2008.  This is a retro segment from Cozy Corner featuring Grant Mueller and Danny Hauger originally broadcast in 2008 on Titan Radio. More at Hey music fans! Don't forget to download my single, The Question, on iTunes today!

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New Danny Hauger Podcasts coming soon, new shows will live on, but this is the END of Cozy Corner. Enjoy the last episode folks.

Listen to the demise of Cozy Corner

Tonik Health Insurance

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A billboard from a bus window presents a summer story for your listening pleasure,

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2009 Summer Sale

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Danny Hauger's Contributor Page - Associated Content


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7.9 out of 10.

Below is a one minute mobile review. Listen to this episode

If you're ready for a break from the world of Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and Paul Rudd, and you're willing to suspend your disbelief of road and driving physics, then you're ready for I Love You Beth Cooper.

If you have searched elsewhere, you probably found mixed reviews. I am going to take an alternate road here and suggest that there is an endearing quality to to this film, that makes a few short falls in direction able to be overtaken to a positive feeling when leaving the theater.

First off, I loved the performances of these not so well known acting team, aside from Hayden Penatierre, who was a suitable lead considering what was called for.

The movie based on a novel, by one of the Simpsons' writer Larry Doyle, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. It's a common theme, a high school girl who is untouchable, and the hopeless drone that aspires for her attention, and makes his feelings public during his graduation speech. From there a slough of unbelievable events leads chases and fight scenes that elevate from the unlikely to the unrealistic, but still I found myself interested in the underlying plot. Perhaps it is my age, at 22, that lets me relate to the not so long ago feelings for friends and fondness for the people and places around me. Or perhaps that there really are some quality laughs that are a refreshing break from the Hollywood repetition that has become all too common in this age of movies.

I suggest going to see this movie, because it is different and not the cookie cutter story that comes out every summer. It's a fun movie that captures some honest moments of what it means to be young, if you can ignore an annoyingly persistent foil character, and the odd absence of adults once the movie hits the half-way point.

I Love You Beth Cooper gets a 7.9 out of 10 score.

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A DHX dedication to Michael Jackson (1958-2009), "so long star, its been nice to see you..."

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Starting about a quarter of an hour past 10:00 AM on the Pacific Coast of California, Michael Jackson was celebrated as a pioneer of pop music and icon of the celebrity world in front of 20,000 adoring fans and family inside of Staples Center in Los Angeles. A commendable job by Los Angeles police to control the crowd, keep traffic in the area moving, and secure the site of a solemn, yet celebratory event to honor the life of a man who changed the way that the music industry operated, and donated more to charitable organizations than any pop musician in history. His life was honored by those closest to him, in a dignified and classy manner that any man or woman would be proud to have seen to honor their own life. The ceremony was tasteful and refrained from being the circus I had expected. Processions of speech after speech honored the legacy that Michael Jackson has left for future generations. A philanthropist, a showman, and a mind that was unmatched according to the people closest to him, were able to tell an international television audience how their lives had been impacted by the man who has graced as many covers as any individual in history. Usher, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Brooke Shields, Kobe Bryant, and the Jackson family, spoke humbly of their friend and colleague. Magic Johnson, in particular, put in perspective a moment of fried chicken with Michael, which he called the greatest moment of his life. For over two hours, family members and celebrities took the stage, singing and telling stories of a man who never quite grew up. A member of the Senate introduced a piece of legislation to be debated, which would honor Jackson as a national treasure.

It is clear by this celebration, this week of remembrance, and the million hours of collective media coverage that has and will come from his life and those he has affected with his presence. It is truly remarkable to see the life of one man bring a fleeting halt to a billion people when hearing the news, that Michael Jackson, the so-called King of Pop, has passed.

From stories told by former family attorney Brian Oxman to me, and the unprecedented media coverage, it has been made clear to me that Michael Jackson is an icon to tens of millions of people around the world.

As a moderate fan of a few hits, even I can see how important and world-renown that Michael Jackson is, and an individual of the caliber who may never be seen again.

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On this day through history... Happy Father's Day!

Today, 2009, Greenland introduces self-rule

1945 – World War II: The Battle of Okinawa ends

1898 – The United States captures Guam from Spain

1991- little Danny stamps his hand for a Father's Day card

Enjoy your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by, subscribe on your way out!

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Hope everyone can spend it with family, congrats to Jeff Weaver for the win over brother Jared yesterday at Angel's stadium.

Here's a quote from Jack Elway, John Elway's father: "John Elway is a great football player. He used to be my son. Now I'm his father".

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Congrats to the Cal State Fullerton Titans baseball for another great year, falling short in a comeback against Virginia on June 15th, but still coming home with a young team that will be strong for the next few years, Go Titans!

In Episiode 5 of Putz and Garfunkel, Putz gets some book learning from Dr. Garfunkel as he returns to school. This is the fifth episode of the improvised comedy radio sketch series. Putz Goes to School (Book learnin'), Putz and Garfunkel #5. Performed by Danny, Grant, and Aaron.

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Thanks for supporting the show! It's beena great year, there will be new posts all summer, and you can order the short film documentary, Cozy Corner: The Movie, $8 gets you a copy with free shipping. Thanks to everyone listening! Hits from all over the world and counting, hello China and and Australia (listening off the rack this week).

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Alphabet Alliteration uses eery letter to begin each consecutive series of at least three words. The subject centers around entertainment channels that do little to activate central processing.

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The start is good, the end of the season is bad! Cozy Corner heads for SUmmer Break, but there will be webisodes coming shortly, and a short film to be shopped around, so check back often and enjoy this season finale of Season 2!

A story of talking burgers, lice, friendship and betrayal. And will weasels rule the world?
Told By Grant, Aaron, Danny and Jess. Clearly improvised and coridally told.

a new segment called, "That's good, that's bad" opens the show, which consists of this fourtold story

Looking for a short film to leave you feeling good? It's finally here, order Cozy Corner: The Movie, for a $10 donation via paypal, and email the address to send at or click below

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