2020 January

Recorded January 2020, the first instrumental recording of the year, and in the new studio, one single track, a combination piano and synthesizer recording. Key of C Major. Relaxing, soothing, meditation music or background music. I think it would be really good in a documentary film or backing track situation. Enjoy! This is a very rare variety of track for me to produce, but I really liked it. 

Lastly, support my music through my newest album, All At Once, on digital platforms everywhere, thanks everyone!!

All at Once

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Welcome in 2020, with the first new instrumental jam of the year, "Rose Garden", played on a beautiful Enya X3 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar! This stunning looking carbon fiber guitar sounds brilliant with rich high and middle tones. today was the first day I had a chance in the new studio to play and try it out. I am really enjoying the smooth hand play, and richness of the sound. The link above is to check it out on Amazon! That 95% carbon fiber top is going to catch a lot of eyes and ears. The gig bag is beautiful as well and this is going to be a great weekend travel guitar. Thanks Enya, for letting me try it out. 


Also, this year's focus will be on quality over quantity - so expect one song per month, and to be of higher grade and stature for focus, investment, and processing behind it. This is going to be a big year for Danny Hauger music. it already has been thanks to a great first gig at Paupaiz Fine Coffee in Napa, CA. You can watch a video of that performance on my Danny Hauger YouTube Channel


Lastly, support my music through my newest album, All At Once, on digital platforms everywhere, thanks everyone!!

All at Once


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Enya X3 Guitar, check them out at enya-music.com