2019 March

TAE Kim and I make a great team, and this is the third or fourth collaboration track that I get to share with you. He is a superbly talented musician, and he lends his violin and piano to my new song "All My Weight", which really classes up and broadens the feel of this song. It will definitely be on my 2020 album that is in development, and I am grateful for his musical abilities and friendship!

"All My Weight" lyrics

I’ll take your hand in mine.

I’ll lead you, though I am blind.

Synthesizing your role.

Understanding your goal.

Side with me your soul,

Life has taken it’s toll.

Laugh out loud!

Shrink with me, I’m carrying all my weight.

Bear with me, I’m barely keeping up this pace.

I’m surprised, the compromises one must make.

I’m dumbfounded by this place.

Tempt me, with a line from a Shakespeare play.

I don’t realize what the words might mean.

I’ll make my own, and my own home.

The mother tongue that stole my fun has set me off.

Two Sides

“Solar Flyer”


Transmit me to a place I’d rather be.

Now, like Laguna Beach in summer.

I can’t afford to see your daughter.

I can’t it afford it.

Here let me take away

The goodness that I brought with me

The one thing that you recognize

Of value, is the one part of dignity


That I can’t trade for unlimited energy.


Correlations building data,

Privacy resets tomorrow.

I don’t care what you know about me

But will you be here when I need a friend?

Go and disconnect

And spend with me the time we share

I’m not afraid of who might like this.

I would just like to be part of this.


Cause all I want is unlimited energy

And a solar flyer to take me around the world

Cause all I want,

Is unlimited energy.

And a solar flyer to take me around this world.


Dave Streudalinsky called me today and asked for a new song for a video he is making of drone footage in Canada. I am a big fan of Dave's work and Youtube Channel, so I set right to work creating some new music for him. I used my Seagull Maple Performer Series CW to improvise some chords while I watched the footage, and the lead wrote itself basically. AAuE7mC-ACaI_1hp88KSzCgE7TBcCUd4vt16ku9p


It was a pleasure to sit down with a simple musical objective: watch some beautiful footage, and write some music that fits. What a joy. Thanks Dave. Enjoy this free acoustic instrumental everyone!

Swan Dive

Limited Minutes


I'm eager to find a time to talk this out.

I'll listen to everything, you don't have to shout

There's a reason you feel the need to raise your voice

You’re worried the things I say might make your choice.


Time stretches canvas thin, the painters rush,

You've got Limited minutes, to paint your brush.


And I feel like the only one around

That understands you.

I could a steal a moment from the past to change


I would undo the rain, and disband the clouds

I would colonize earth, and abandon Mars.

(Thank you podbean for donating the bandwidth for my free music for the world project!) 





Time stretches matrices, and I can't bend.

You've got limited minutes, that you can't lend.

Time cares for eminence. Havent you read?

Before you listen up, you've already said.


Time stretches clay and doubt, the past will reign.

You've got limited minutes, to use your brain.

Swan Dive

For the 9th free song of 2019, this song is called "Blind Spot". It's a demo version with an unplugged acoustic guitar, vocals, tambourine, and a little bit of harmony. The song reminds me a little bit of early unplugged Oasis sessions with Noel Gallagher singing a bit raw on a song that is still in progress, I improvised some of the vocals, but I still enjoyed the flow and the heart behind it. I think it has a good chorus push, and some potential for the end of the year album cutting process. Thanks for checking in and listening!