2018 November

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November 15, 2018  

"To Save You" Words and Music by Danny Hauger

The cloak of light or darkness

Is eying the beholder.

Correcting all the idle,

Clocking in our fortune of time.


You put yourself on the line,

To let me have my own way.

You could have chosen your road

But in doing so you'd lose my reigns.


And I know

You did it to all to save me.

And I know

You did all to turn me away from the dark

But I want to tell is that

I'm not enough, I’m not enough


Now I'll do the same thing

For future generations.

They'd know the fall of free will.

It is our obligation to go.


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November 1, 2018  

“Shepherd’s People” Words and Music by Danny Hauger Copyright 2018


And I’m not lonely

I’m not only

Tired of lying

I’m tired of trying.


You won’t read that,

I won’t agree that,

Sentiments are changing

Time is rearranging us.



Love, Bereavement,

Clawing at my soul,

Testing my control.


Sometimes we walk a line,

We can’t walk back.

Sometimes we talk a mile,

On roads we can’t track.


Shepherd’s people,

Fleecing eagles.

Soaring through the plains,

Kindle idle flames.


Sometimes we walk a line,

That we can’t track.

Sometimes we talk a mile,

We can’t talk back.


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