2018 October
October 27, 2018

Becoming Now

“Becoming Now” Words and Music by Danny Hauger

I’m not sure

Of how I should approach you,

I’m unclear of all of my own emotions.


Tremendous frustration

Controlling all my senses

Your hair is shining in the sun

And I can’t re-take my mind

Who am I becoming now?

Who do I think I am?

Will I walk amongst the sheep,

Or will I charge the ram?


Am I 10 years back or even 15 from my prime?

Will I break the cycle or will I get neutralized?


I’m slowly fading, but will I rise?

I believe everything I see with my eyes.


I’m becoming now, what I had wanted.

I’m driving hard to propel motivation

Becoming now, part of solutions

I will help you up, Even if you are above me.


Se la vie,

That’s life, I’m heard that.
And au revoir, But will you return me

To someplace far, but still familiar

I’m tilted up, Does that mean I’m learning?

“I Don’t Care” Words and Music by Danny Hauger


Solutions, to problems that I did not create.

Without control and without sedation,

I’ll try to right the wrongs you made.

If I can take it.


Do you believe all you’ve created,

And everything you manifested.

Will you run away to shelter?

Or do you have faith in the future?


You don’t care,

Some would say that you don’t care.

You would deny it.

Some would say that you don’t care.


Where are you tomorrow?

What you made was so much easier

People today have to struggle

7 billion times demanded.


I know it seems that I don’t care

They try to tell you I don’t care.

They try to tell you I don’t care.

They try to tell you I don’t care.


So where do you go when you’re lonely?

When you feel like everyone is gone.
Do you call out to the moon?

And how away that you are sorry.

Saying you’re sorry for everything you have Made.


I know it seems that I don’t care

(I try to craft solutions)

They try to tell you I don’t care.

( I tried to build a future)

They try to tell you I don’t care.

(I tried to show a smile instead of a fist)

They try to tell you I don’t care.

Smooth sailing was inspired by my last video sailing on the USA 76 yacht in the San Francisco Bay. It's a slow moving instrumental with a few hints of breeze and air played on my seagull Performer Series Maple QIT. Enjoy! The free download is here for free on Danny Hauger free music podcasts. Share my page with people who love free acoustic music! Thank you Seagull Guitars for your support! Thank you Podbean for the bandwidth to give away free music to the world every week!

October 9, 2018

Because I Needed You

“Because I needed you” Words and Music byD anny Hauger. All Rights Reserved.

April 4th,

Sun set warmth

Picnic basket,

And we left the farm.

And we headed out,

Into sun-drenched space


When the light ran out,

I began to doubt,

If we could make it on our own,

And somehow start a home.

But we headed out,

And we’ve gone too far to turn back.


Because I needed you,

And you showed me there was a way


Because I needed you,

Like the violets of the terrain.


And now I roam,

And it’s not a home.

And you’re not with me,

But I feel you in my bones.

And I can hear you calling,

But I can’t respond.


Cause I needed you,

And the confidence you helped restore.


Cause I needed you,

I know I can live for more.


I could not tell,

Just how to live without you.

Then I remember,

You taught me all about this.

And I’m not afraid.


Cause I needed you,

And I know it’s been revived,

Like the vervain sky

You have blended with a hurricane,

And you spun my life.

Crest Words and Music by Danny Hauger


From the rivers to the seas,

And population densities.

From the coral to the bleach,

You are the sun to my screen,


I’m trying to keep it real to you.

Into the ocean blues.

As I feel the wind brush by,

When I leave I won’t know why.


I’m grinding out,

In a landlocked mind.

I’m trying to write

How I’ll be defined.


I’m almost over

The crest of this wave.

Full disclosure,

I’m floating away,


So close to flying,

A drone in the breeze.

Without a pilot,

I’m stuck in the trees.


And I’m trying to control,

Staying focused on the goal.

All the people that I know,

See me sinking like a stone.

But I still see sunlight.


I’m almost over

The crest of this wave.

Full disclosure,

I’m lost at sea.