2018 September
September 24, 2018

Argue free demo download

“Argue” Words and Lyrics by Danny Hauger


Can I paint a picture,

To persuade you, that I’m not the one who lied?

I mixed a metaphor with connotations,

You’re the straw man I supplied.

I can’t convince you, that the past has changed now, nor would I ever want to try.


I want to the write the words that could change you

That would give you a new start

Help you realize that both sides,

Only want to keep us apart.


I don’t to argue,

I don’t want a fight.

I just want to bring us all to together

I want us all to make nice.

The stories that you were raised on,

Will be the ones that put you to bed.

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September 15, 2018

Before You Go

"Before You Go" Words and Music by Danny Hauger
Warmer winters,
Build adventures,
New terrain,
Icing on a single layer cake

You convince me with,
Oil painting.
Strokes on empty canvas - green.

Lawns surround us, (Em - AM)
Skies above us,
Watercolored raindrops falling down upon our minds.

Before you go,
Let me persuade you.

Before you know,
The clouds replace us.

I Implore you now
Let me walk in your wake.
I’m coming.

Leaf turned over (v3)
Crimson Clover
Reds have washed around your brush,
And faces smiles have turned to blush.

Now your stuck here,
Just your luck dear,
Winds that carried hope,
Have shifted, clouds have lifted, you’re exposed.

You still wonder?
Why you suffer?
Weather patterns touch your skin.
Dust and water rise again.

Before you go,
Let me persuade you.

Before you know,
The clouds replace us.

Implore you now
Let me walk in your wake.
I’m coming.

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