2017 June

"How Long" - Written, recorded, and produced by Danny Hauger. Performed myself in studio in an unplugged version, a folk / acoustic / singer-songwriter tune that is previously unreleased and recorded in Fullerton, CA in 2012. Download an album version for free at this mp3 link -

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  • "Everything I Want" (I Believe) Lyrics

    Every now and then, I get over you again.
    Every smile you make, pulls me back here again.

    I hope you will be everything I want,
    I hope I will be everything you need.

    So please, stay with me.

    Deep down under the sea, I swim over you again.
    Climbing above the trees, I fly over you again.

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A newly recorded version of one of my most popular songs, written while I was a student at Cal State Fullerton. I enjoyed writing and performed this one on every tour I ever went on, and in most of my early gigs, it was fun to revisit it unplugged and acoustic.

Lyrics - "The Question" by Danny Hauger

"From my windowsill,
There was pouring rain,
I can see you still
Calling out my name.
There's a question that's
waiting on my mind,
That's the reason I've been hiding out in my room.
I don't know what to do, or what to say, or anything.

If I walk away, you'll be gone.
If I stand aside, I'd be wrong.
If I could speak my mind, I'd be strong.
But I can't find the words to ask you.

You and I we both, have had our share,
Times of seeing stars, and times we didn't care.
But I know that some, will say its for the best,
But this question I, can't lift off my chest.


“Find Out Who You Are”


Some are near and some are far to finding out just who they are.

And you must stick to your own way, no matter what the others say,

‘Cause when you’re pushed up to a wall,

That’s when you’ll find out who you are.


You may find out as you grow,

You might take damage as you grow,

But its when you’re pressured hard,

That’s when you’ll transform to a star.


‘Cause when you’re pushed up to a wall,

That’s when you’ll find out who you are.


Now that you’re learning to be strong,

And You’re learning to tell right from wrong,

Learn the rules that work for you,

You’ll learn to tell which facts are true.