2016 August

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August 31, 2016  

Following an internet outage, my memory floated back to 6 years ago, in Huntington Beach, California, on a night were I was performing at the Blue Cafe. I frequented this location and enjoyed traveling down the Pacific Coast highway. This was also a day in which the internet went down, and my set list would not download from my iPhone. I improvised, and it was one of the few times that this song, "Rise", was ever played live. Enjoy! You can find the album version on iTunes and Amazon. Have a great week!

August 22, 2016  

David is simply the best indie melodica player going today, and he was graceful enough to share a recording with me on my song, "Losing Sleep". I am thrilled to offer this recording to you as this week's free podcast song download. Welcome back to school to my students and everyone headed back to the classroom out there! thanks for listening to Danny Hauger music!!

Congrats to all the 2016 Olympians in Rio, what a great show it was!

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


August 14, 2016  
Ever drop a guitar pick in the sound hole? Players know what I'm talking about. I don't think I had ever written a sentence with "players" as the leadoff, or the subject, before in a statement. I like it but it may never happen again. Well, after a 10 minute shakedown today and the re-emergence of said pick, I was back in the studio again setting down a keyboard line in the "Helix" instrument of Garage Band. That led me to a simple strum of C and F Major on my Taylor, acoustic-electric guitar. From there, I had a slow and steady, but upbeat song. 

I named this song "Not Too Bad", and it is this week's brand new song for free from Danny Hauger music studios. I like the happy but mellow mood of this tune. I hope you will enjoy listening to it also. Thanks for tuning in, subscribe and download more than 50 of my songs on this podcast for free!

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August 9, 2016  

Today I was really in the mood to jam on some rhythmic bass. I wanted to have my bass guitar out for a melody, and almost a lead, that would carry the heart of the track, I achieved that in a groove and reverb-clouded room that is set for a reflective jam. I really enjoyed the synth and lead elements that accent the beat without overshadowing the bass. 

Enjoy this free download of "Staying Here" from Danny Hauger music, and exclusive song download to Danny Hauger podcasts!! 

If you like instrumental, acoustic, or slow rock, you'll enjoy it!

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August 6, 2016  

Make the most of today! Don't waste it. You may not always be in the position you want to be, but each action you take sets you up for the next moment. This song is about that notion, unplugging wires and distractions and getting ready to do something big. Wishing you all the best and thanking all the listeners around the world. Thanks for listing to "This Day" from Danny Hauger music, from the album "Together Now" (on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp)

August 1, 2016  

Big thanks to San Jose and Pleasanton! The Cellar Door Friday and a special event Saturday were a huge pleasure to be a part of! I loved getting out for 5 straight hours of live music. It was the first time I played "I Believe" live, and that makes a good reason to release the recorded version live as the first free download of August!

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