2016 January

There really is a world out there, its on iTunes now!! And this re-recorded version of a simple acoustic tune has turned out to have a hold on me after 3 years of performing it. So much so that I returned to the studio last week and added some depth, feeling, vibraphone/marimba, and some strings to sweeten the sound. It is still the same heartfelt and simply stated message about trying to find more good in the world than bad, but it has more heart and sound in it now. 

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I think the vocals had sounded a bit dry in previous iterations. This recording is now a lot more full to my ears, and its free, and it is featured on the upcoming 2016 album, "Together Now" from Danny Hauger studios, enjoy, and watch for the Google Play release coming this weekend!

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The time has come for the first round of media interviews promoting my new album "Together Now" from Danny Hauger Studios. This was a Skype interview recorded with Steve and Jen from UK Radio Indie's podcast on their live morning show. We talk about the album concept, the belief in the best for making good decisions, moving in a new direction musically, recording with artists digitally and in person, and the recording process of the new album.

"Together Now" is available for pre-order $4.99 now on Google Play (release 2/9/16), iTunes and all digital outlets coming soon!

Cover art 

The interview runs about ten minutes, and the hosts wanted to talk mainly about the title track and “This Day”, when they reached out to me, they let me know they were podcast listeners who have tracked with me since Pre-ordered “Sleepy Kitten”. I really appreciate their press, and everyone involved with helping this album lift off the digital ground!

 dannyhaugerTogetherNowalbumcoverfinal.jplogo by Miguel Cervantes

The album "Together Now" will feature 17 original songs, 3 of which are instrumentals. The debut will be March 1st, with some digital outlets getting an early start. The album blends alternative, rock, acoustic, and singer/songwriter styles together. If you have enjoyed any of the 100,000 free song downloads that I have given away, I would happily have your support at any digital outlet, including my correct album “If I Grow Up”, now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all of my albums on Google Play.

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January 23, 2016

Every Single Night

"Every Single Night" propels an acoustic guitar bed at an upbeat strumming pattern supported by many layers of sound. This is an atypical sound production for several reasons. Usually my songs begin with an acoustic guitar bed, so this song is not unusual there. The inspired keyboards and synths however, give "Every Single Night" a blended bed that very few of my recordings carry. This is going to add a lot of depth to my upcoming March 2016 Album "Together Now". I really like this song, and the fact that it wasn't the easiest vocal performance that I have attempted, I feel like I actually EQ'd it quite well. Patting myself on the back aside, time for lunch. Its another free song download, enjoy it! Share it! Help support my music hobby! Its a pleasure to get your feedback as well, thanks for all the positive comments!


Every Single Night, Copyright Danny Hauger 2016


Every single night

When I fall asleep,

I want to be, something free.


When my mind is at rest,

Then my soul can attest,

I want to be, something free.


Close my eyes, look inside.


Every single night, I can have peace of mind.

I can hope, I can fly.


And tomorrow? Maybe this sorry

And tomorrow? Maybe this horror, will go away.


Every single night, I used to lie awake, replay my day.

But tomorrow, I can succeed.

And tomorrow, there’s nothing in my way.

"Coming Around Again" features a creative chord solo on an electric keyboard, some pounding guitar chords, and a few distinct lead melodies that carry the song throughout. RIP Glenn Frey, thank you for your musical contributions to The Eagles and your solo work, what a gift!

This song is more if a tribute to a sound, style, and time, and is a podcast exclusive (Sclusee!) This song will not appear on the 2016 album, but enjoy it here!
"Together Now" is available for pre-order $4.99 now on Google Play (release 2/9/16), iTunes and all digital outlets coming soon!
Cover art
My new song today is one that carries an upbeat and lively spirit, and a few Northern California references to the streets I grew up playing guitar on:

“Coming Around Again” Written by Danny Hauger, Copyright 2016


From the city of trees,

In the city that’s home of kings

With his guitar on the streets

Giving the melodies

Striking a chord,

And bowling a string of strikes


I’m coming around,

I’m Coming around again

I’m coming around

I’m coming around again


Stockton, California

It had such a bad reputation

But if it was all that bad

I could have never build up such a strong foundation.


I’m coming around,

I’m Coming around again

I’m coming around

I’m coming around again


If I ever leave,

Or maybe move out of town

I’ll be just like Green Day

You can see me again when I’m coming around


Coming Around

Recording an original blues composition for an album was always on my to-do list, until today's session! I put a live group together and recorded everyone with one microphone centered between the musicians performing live. Lots of wires, lots of noise, and one solid recording. It wasn't the most pristine session ever put into a session, but it came out with some heart and soul, and even a couple of improv verses (that version was available for 24 hours). I recorded during the live jam session, then Placed one round of live take harmony and exported. 

This blues track features Danny Hauger on lead guitar, composition, and lyrics.By the way, this version of "Royal Blues" is a podcast exclusive, the album version will be completely instrumental. This vocals live version is a free treat from my studios for the loyal listeners to this podcast. I will be using the original live version, with no lyrics, on the upcoming album "Together Now" by Danny Hauger (releasing March 1st). The lyrical version is up for a short amount of time, before being replaced with the instrumental on January 20th. Enjoy and share!
Credit to the ever-talented Miguel Cervantes for the upcoming album art for "Together Now", set for release on March 1st, 2016, on digital music stores everywhere. Miguel is a pleasure to work with, and has a unique creative lens. Get in touch with him direct for your next project! 
Miguel Cervantes
Graphic Design / T-shirt printing / Photography and Videography / Business / Youtuber

Dough life Clothing Complany : www.Doughlifeclothing.com
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Yes that descriptive title is aimed at getting more song downloads for Danny Hauger music, and yes, Danny Hauger is me. Curio as I suspected, was a great title for a song that I thought should be on a shelf to admire briefly for this moment. Do I get nominated for best comedy now, like the Martian, for that first sentence? Really though, Trainwreck was funny, but its time to redefine categories there Golden Globes! Anyways on to the music! While I was watching the Golden Globe awards of 2016, I set up my recording session unplugged to record a riff. I resulted in an F Major progression that built itself once I began. I really enjoyed playing it and decided that I loved the combination solos of guitars, whirly piano, and melodies that deserved a few bars each. 

Enjoy this instrumental piece from Danny Hauger studios which I really enjoyed recording tonight. Now, back to work preparing for school, credential, cinnamon rolls, and life. Be well everyone! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and help support my music by buying a song on iTunes or Amazon, just search Danny Hauger music!

Happy 2016 everyone! The last two months have been incredibly productive for my songwriting! I'm happy to share my demos, downloads, and singles for free right here on Danny Hauger podcasts! Help support the cause by subscribing, sharing, and telling a friend to come get some free music! I hope you enjoy listening to "Lost 'Til I Found You"!

Today's new song is fresh from the studio! "Lost 'Til I found You". This song started with an acoustic riff, with a 4th fret capo, and an almost Jim Croce-like chord and strum pattern. It also reminds me a bit of Green Day's "Last Night on Earth" with a bit of "In My Life" by the Beatles. Of course its a bit rough still, but I love where its going.

Lyrics - Copyright Danny Hauger 2015 - "Lost 'Til I Found You"Aiming high and trembling
Missing marks, and grasping straws
Only half the story, missing half the plot
And humbly knowing what I'm worth
My compass lacked direction,
My strings were out of tune
I was lost til I found you.

Certainly uncertain
Processed but unrefined
And wanting to know more about you

Stirring up emotions
I once had locked away
Possessed around your neck the key

I hoped that you could teach me,
I was willing to learn.
I wanted to find what's true.

I was lost til I found you.
I was lost til I found you.
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Yesterday proved to be the best new recording day of 2016! Given it was only the second possibility, but it yielded a new song called "Together Now" that is free to download here on Danny Hauger podcasts. Love sharing new music for a new year! Credits to Greg Kettelhake for contributing to the music production, lyrics by Danny Hauger. This song started out with a capo on the 4th fret of an acoustic and unplugged jam session. We began riffing in a D Major progression to G. C. and back to home D (all raised to the 4th). Together Now is on iTunes, help support my independent music!

Greg built in the bridge chord progression with some minor chords to add some dichotomy and depth to the song. When we were recording and mixing, I began to have some melodic ideas and spent the entirety of a morning mixing and recording instruments. The result is what I feel has become a compelling track to have its own place on my upcoming February release in 2016. I'm enjoying the direction of this song.

Lyrics - "Together Now" (free to download)copyright Danny Hauger

Everywhere I stand there's a motive,
Someone trying to get rich fast

Gone are the days of the morals

To treat each individual as the last


Why are we so concerned with riches?

When we are clearly all poor

From the point that I’m standing in,

Does it seem anyone stands tall?

We’re all trying to get together

By building walls to be apart?


So we can’t we try a new approach,

If everyone we always have done will fail?

Maybe try to show some new plays to the coach,

Maybe try to reinvent the wheel


From the point that I’m standing in,

Doesn’t seem that anyone stands tall

Aren’t we supposed to be together now

So why are we building walls?

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