2015 April

Waking up with a cold the day before Easter might not seem like a happy occasion, but taking frustration from an off morning and thinking about all the positive factors in life completely turned my day around, and it happened, live in 4 minutes, on this podcast, by just thinking about how all the challenges and frustrating pieces of my day symbolize something much better and happier.

This year I turned Easter into a moment of Thanksgiving here on the podcast:

  • Grateful for my friends, family, and cat
  • Grateful for the wonderful Guster concert on April 1st at the Fillmore
  • Grateful for my new album on iTunes and Amazon, "If I Grow Up"
  • Grateful for my work and teaching
  • Grateful for my challenges and frustrations, and the opportunities to come

I hope you will have a wonderful Easter 2015, regardless of beliefs, and see the best in your life today also. Thanks for listening to Danny Hauger podcasts!
I'll be bringing you live baseball next weekend! Tune into KZSU for the Stanford @ Cal games live Friday, April 10th through Sunday April 12th. You'll be able to hear the action FREE live on KZSU 90.1 FM and streaming to all devices at http://kzsulive.stanford.edu/ and I'm excited to get back on the air for Stanford Cardinal Baseball.
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Also in the news for me is my new album, "If I Grow Up" which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, as well as free streaming on Spotify. DannyHauger.com is under maintenance for a bit, so enjoy my podcast for all the latest Danny Hauger updates.

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