2015 January

The Green Bay Packers sent themselves home today with a comeback win on the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. Saturday they did not have a clue what would happen in their big game against the very tough to beat at home Seahawks, and Sunday brought a Russell Wilson who could not complete a pass until it mattered most.

I also learned from this game to be ready, or life will hit you in the face, just like Green Bay tight end Brandon Bostick, sorry Brandon, but man, you’ll remember that play forever I bet.

Another memorable moment was when I interviewed Scott Johnson of the gin Blossoms on Titan Radio in 2009. Enjoy this interview talking about one of my favorite bands that continues to tour and make wonderful music today.

Better luck next year Packer fans.

My new Danny Hauger album will be out this March! We open this podcast with a short listen in to, “Once and Never Again”.

Have a great week everybody!

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January 3rd, 2015 Podcast Rundown

Download Anniversaries, Pneumonia, and Dragon Age (right click and save)

 ·        Engagement Announcement from Terry Smith on Angels Baseball on April 16th, 2011 on the Angels Baseball Radio network

·        Cold, Pneumonia, and Christmas Eve at the Urgent Care

·        Anniversaries and Dragon Age

·        Welcome to the New Year 2015

·        New Music from Danny Hauger Music in March of 2015

·        What to watch: Bojack Horseman, and  Inside Man Netflix series

Clip of the week: Rex Hudler and Danny

  • Stanford and UC Berkeley broadcasts this year will feature Danny Hauger! Updates to come TBA.

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