2014 November

One of my favorite interviews that I have recorded was with Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket. I had been a  huge fan of the band and Glen's solo records, including Mr. Lemons, which you can hear from my link below this text. Glen is a fountain of inspiration, wit, knowledge, and experience from decades of music playing, a tragic setback in the form of a physical injury from falling through a glass table, and a good example of a songwriter still focused on his art.

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Grateful and inspired by Glen Phillips last night at City Winery Napa! Always great to learn from a master songwriter with witty banter, excellent singing, and well crafted guitar work.

I hope you enjoy this talk with Danny Hauger from Cal State Fullerton Titan Radio at the time, and Glen Phillips, one of my 5 favorite songwriters of all time. Support Glen, and me! Use the Amazon links below! Thanks for listening!

On Election Day, 2014, not being able to vote because I just moved and apparently the registration deadline in Contra Costa County was October 20th, which would have been nice to know ahead of time - - - -but i digress, before I even get started. So on Election Day I sat down with my guitar to vote with a new demo. I know, doesn't make much sense.

My new Fender acoustic electric guitar (T Bucket) and I arranged our first song recording together. A tender moment for sure, love the look of this new guitar by the way...


I sat down with a chord progression in mind before i picked up the guitar. This is maybe the only time I have ever pre-conceived of a sound before strumming it out. It led to a pretty quick rhythm recording, maybe two takes.


Then I added in some lead guitar, stayed acoustic, and stayed unprocessed. No pre-amp, just a live microphone recording the room. What came out was a nearly complete instrumental work. But I felt like applying some songwriting to it and began some lyrics which were completed with concept in mind in about 20 minutes.

I liked the sound and feel a lot, similar to other songs from the Danny Hauger archives, but different enough to add to the track listing for the upcoming album. Grab it now, for free, as a thank you for visiting, sharing, and supporting my music!

Download "The Narrow Side" from Danny Hauger (right click and save)

Happy Election Day everyone! And to worldwide listeners, happy be the best person you can day! That's it from me! 

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My career search continues, teaching as a sub a few days a week, writing freelance daily! Lots of Fiverr orders lately also! I think it will be a great time of transition as I coach, teach, write, record, and search for that next opportunity.

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