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It's almost May music and podcast fans and there is a lot happening with my music and around Orange County to let you know about! I recently posted one of my

Jackson Valley, Music for Charity by Danny Hauger

songs on Reverb Nation, and proceeds are donated to a great cause, charity: water. You can also donate more if you like and enjoy a great instrumental here.

Also along the music front, DannyHauger.com is relaunched, as is the new 35 track compilation, "Stockton Fullerton", capping a decade of original recordings un-mastered and in their original fidelity. Take a listen to support truly independent and unsigned music! You can find the album on iTunes and all over digital music stores!

Into interior design? There is an awesome event right now in Orange County showcasing local design students using only Salvation Army donations as materials creating 12x12 living spaces. Take a look!

You can help by coming by and placing a bid, all items are currently in a silent auction through 12:00 PM on Monday, April 29th! These spaces are amazing! Read more at The Salvation Army's Anaheim ARC Blog. AI, Noah's ARC 2013 in Fountain Valley

This Saturday marks the physical CD release for the new compilation Stockton to Fullerton by Danny Hauger, and April 13th is the official unveiling of the fourth annual Noah's ARC Interior Design Challenge of The Salvation Army and ASID - Orange County Chapter. Enjoy a free download of "I Want You" featuring the vocals of Gary Young here on the podcast. Download "I Want You" feat. Gary Young from Stockton to Fullerton(right click and save) and find more free songs at www.dannyhauger.com

The newest compilation album, Stockton to Fullerton:

  • Features 35 songs from the past decade of Danny Hauger recordings, many published for the first time, uncut, un-mastered and completely independently produced. The antithesis of auto tune, many of these cuts are dorm room demos, one-take productions, and live studio recordings from 2003-2013, recorded as a snapshot of development in various California cities.
  • is available for sale on iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon MP3 plus free streaming on Spotify

While a brand-new set of songs is underway in the writing session, a newly remastered 35-song compilation featuring previously unreleased songs is on its way to digital music stores worldwide. This collection features the stand-outs and favorites from the past decade including collaborations with David Bingley, Jeff MosconeDaniel Anthony, Gary Young, and more! Please support indie, unprocessed, un-autotuned, real acoustic singer/songwriter music that doesn't adhere to formula. Check it out the newest songs from Danny Hauger now on AMAZON , Google Play or iTUNES! Also streaming on Spotify!

Band Members: Danny Hauger - Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics, Bass, Keys, Harmonica, Drums, Production
Home Page: www.dannyhauger.com and http://www.reverbnation.com/dannyhauger

The track list includes instrumentals, singer/songwriter material, alternative, modern acoustic, and blends of styles with original remasters of recordings tracing from Stockton studios to Fullerton radio days, it is a snapshot of songs past and recordings recovered from dorm days at Dominican University to Cal State Fullerton as a sort of pin in time to enjoy. A brand new studio album is in the works and will be released in Spring of 2014.

OFFICIAL RELEASE - March 25th, 2013 on Amazon - click here!

Stockton to Fullerton Danny Hauger Music

Check out the link below to sample and purchase the album on iTunes! Danny Hauger - Stockton to Fullerton: The Early Songs of Danny Hauger

Check out myReverbNation page in the meantime or listen to "Jackson Valley" on Amazon and on this podcast for free download! Follow me @DannyHauger and @DHXmusic!

Digital Outlets Now Selling "Stockton to Fullerton"

As for Noah's ARC 2013, it unveils to the public this Saturday, April 13th! Come out and see the hard work of local Orange County Interior Design Students.  Check out the Noah’s ARC Interior Design 2013 Press Release and read more at the Anaheim ARC Blog. Thanks for checking in! Don't forget to Follow us on Twitter @OCSalvationArmy and "Like" us on Facebook!

 Noah's ARC 2013 Logo

You can follow me on Twitter @DannyHauger and my music @DHXmusic, see you this Saturday for Noah's ARC and more free songs at www.dannyhauger.com