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Stockton to Fullerton Album Compilation On Sale Soon from Danny Hauger

Stockton to Fullerton Album Compilation On Sale Soon from Danny Hauger

March 24, 2013

While a brand-new set of songs is underway in the writing session, a newly remastered 35-song compilation featuring previously unreleased songs is on its way to digital music stores worldwide. This collection features the stand-outs and favorites from the past decade including collaborations with David Bingley, Jeff Moscone, Daniel Anthony, Gary Young, and more! THE ALBUM IS NOW LIVE, support indie, unprocessed, un-autotuned, real acoustic singer/songwriter music

Check it out now on AMAZON or iTUNES! Also streaming on Spotify!

Band Members:
Danny Hauger - Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics, Bass, Keys, Harmonica, Drums, Production
Home Page:

The track list includes instrumentals, singer/songwriter material, alternative, modern acoustic, and blends of styles with original remasters of recordings tracing from Stockton studios to Fullerton radio days, it is a snapshot of songs past and recordings recovered from dorm days at Dominican University to Cal State Fullerton as a sort of pin in time to enjoy. A new studio album will be released in Spring of 2014.

OFFICIAL RELEASE - March 25th, 2013 on Amazon - click here!

Stockton to Fullerton Danny Hauger Music

Check out the link below to sample and purchase the album on iTunes! Danny Hauger - Stockton to Fullerton: The Early Songs of Danny Hauger

Check out myReverbNation page in the meantime or listen to "Jackson Valley" on Amazon and on this podcast for free download! Follow me @DannyHauger and @DHXmusic!

Digital Outlets Now Selling "Stockton to Fullerton"

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March Madness Welcomes the University of the Pacific Tigers to the 2013 Tourney

March Madness Welcomes the University of the Pacific Tigers to the 2013 Tourney

March 18, 2013

Congrats to the close to home Tigers of the Pacific, our home town heroes, who will be making their first trip to the NCAA March Madness tournament since 2006. They are hitting their stride with 7 straight wins to finish the regular season as they enter the field of 64. I want to congratulate personally Bob Thomason's team that are honoring what is likely the coach's final season at Pacific. As a 2000-2003 team assistant, I saw Thomason's discipline, respect, and leadership first-hand, and I celebrate the chance for the Tigers to once again represent Stockton, California in the nationally televised mega tournament. This is Thomason's 25th season with Pacific.

This team has had some big wins this year, most notably Long Beach State and Xavier, but also struggled at times amidst the Big West competition. Pacific is a hot shooting team from distance, and will need it to overcome their all-time tournament record, 4-9. Good luck UOP!

I will be looking on with great interest as the orange and black take the court this year in March Madness.

Audio today? How about a fun segment from the Sports Lodge, now on in the afternoons on AM 830, KLAA in Southern California. New website coming soon - until then follow me on Twitter @DannyHauger

Reviewing Belly Up Tavern and Concert Venue in Solana Beach

Reviewing Belly Up Tavern and Concert Venue in Solana Beach

March 6, 2013

Southern California's entertainment extends down beautiful coastlines and leads many seeking an enjoyable evening to Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California. The perfect opportunity (of which there are many depending on your favorite music) arrived for myself on March 7th with a special visit from Toad the Wet Sprocket.

When I go to a concert venue, the single most important factor is the sound. The memory of your concert experience will spark the first and most important question in conversation, worded in many ways, but asking "How did they sound live?" This will largely be a performance factor, but the acoustics of the room and mixing of the live sound engineer have a big part to play in this. I was happy to hear, and am glad to report, that Belly Up in Solana Beach delivers on the pleasing sounds to enjoy the artist without combating frequencies, muffled lows, or piercing highs. The mix at Belly Up is great! This leaves you to appreciate your bands and artists for their true live performing sound.

The ambiance is great at Belly Up, from the red eyed shark hanging from the ceiling with watery light reflections, to the projection television on the wall to the left of the stage and surrounding combination of seating and standing room. The unique layout of the venue and ease of access to the stage are nicely composed for enjoying the surroundings.

Photo Courtesy Toad the Wet Sprocket Danny Hauger

Jess and I on the left! Taken by Dean Dinning of Toad, from the stage at Belly Up!

Another think I enjoyed about my last night was the feeling of security. As an experienced concert goer I can say I appreciated the feeling of comfort at Belly Up, not having to constantly hand check my pockets for wallet, phone, and keys, which is not to be said for every venue I have visited. It is nice to feel comfortable in your surroundings to then relax and enjoy a good show. This was worth noting specifically last night having said repeatedly the ease of mind able to let go and engage into an active listening experience not bothered by outside thoughts.

The staff was courteous and friendly from Will Call, to the bar, to the facility as a whole. The look is unique, the sound outstanding, and the entire night made very enjoyable with quick entry and exit, and an always quality show from Toad the Wet Sprocket who debuted some brand new material from their upcoming album. I can't wait to go back April 4th for Soul Asylum at Belly Up! Click the link for tickets!

My podcast review will be posted Friday afternoon, 3/8/13, see you then! Want to sample some Toad the Wet Sprocket? Take a listen to them on Amazon!

Toad the Wet Sprocket and Danny Hauger

There are a wide array of musicians and artists slated to visit, top class music in a great venue! Can't wait to take a drive down the 5 freeway to enjoy some rockin' music. For the latest concert calendar at Belly Up, click here. For a map or directions, click here.

Podcast fans - a trip to Europe is in the work, including a live acoustic gig at Belushi's in Paris, France! Some of my highlights will be Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London Zoo, London Sea Life Aquarium, and more... stay tunes for our travel blog celebrating a delayed honeymoon, and more information on our 2-week tour of Europe in 2013.

I have a new website in the works also, come back often! Check out my ReverbNation page in the meantime or listen to "Jackson Valley" on Amazon! Follow me @DannyHauger and @DHXmusic!

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