2012 November

As is tradition, The Thanksgiver Animatic, animation by Jessica Avila, written by Grant Mueller and Danny Hauger. Enjoy this meal, wrapped up into one annual parody post. Hope you enjoy it!  Happy Thanksgiving! Performed on Cozy Corner, from Titan Radio, on the campus of Cal State Fullerton in 2008.

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Roger Merrill Interviews Danny Hauger about The Salvation Army's Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center recorded November 15th, 2012 on The Homework Radio Show. Roger Merrill Interviews Danny Hauger of the Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation CenterRoger MerrillDanny Hauger, Community Relations, Salvation Army

Radio Host Roger Merrill dedicated  half hour of his live program on November 15th of 2012 to discussing The Salvation Army's programs in Orange County of California. Danny Hauger was his guest, who is the Community Relations Manager for the Anaheim ARC. Roger asked about methods for donation, what programs are provided by The Salvation Army, and how the community can become more involved in assisting The Salvation Army in providing them.

Roger Merrill's show and podcast can be found here. Thanks for the interview Roger!

This interview contains information on how to donate at stores, get free home pick-ups (1-800-SA-TRUCK), host a donation drive, and more information about The Salvation Army.

written by "Iron" Terry Kim, performed by Kim and Danny Hauger, a modern folk / acoustic / singer-songwriter tune that is previously unreleased and recorded in Fullerton, CA in 2012. Rough Draft v1.2. Enjoy this track and follow @DHXmusic for more, website at www.mediadanny.com I use @TuneCore to get my music on iTunes. If you're a musician, sign up with them today (you'll get a discount).

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A really wonderful track Terry composed, I perform the lead guitar and the final product is fantastic. This track rocks to the limits with contrasting melodies and progressions that really do, "Break the Darkness" Enjoy this track!  Share with your friends and thanks for visiting!

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Danny Hauger's interview with Tim Kitzrow, the voice of many iconic sport video games, including NBA Jam, which is newly re-released on the Playstation store online as a digital download. I also recently heard his voice in NFL Blitz the League II, which has been out now for a while. Tim is a creative inspiration of what fun voice work can be and how important audio is to enhancing games and the enjoyment of our daily lives. Enjoy this interview. - boomshakalaka (Can I borrow a billion quarters?)