2012 July

Danny and James took over the Sports Lodge for a minute on Friday, July 27th, and Danny was reluctant to givge up the microphone. Check it out! Danny Boy and James Allen in the Sports Lodge promo! Enjoyed poking a little fun at Roger Lodge, who has been really good to me over the last few years. Have a great one! More from my website, www.MediaDanny.com

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Star of Cal State Fullerton, Estonia, China, and basketball courts everywhere, Josh Akognon joins me to talk about chasing his NBA dreams, his values, and how the road to the pros moves along for a top scoring point guard. I thank Josh for taking a few minutes to catch up for a little 1-on-1 this morning. Josh led the Kings in scoring during summer camp and hopes to acquire a roster spot on an NBA team for the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season. Enjoy. Really glad to have had the chance to catch up  with him as we both chase our dreams and continue our careers. Josh is one of the most lights-out shooters I have ever seen, and I hope to see him in the NBA very soon. Read more about our chat here. Thanks for listening!

Josh Akognon

Career Update: August 6th I will begin my new position as Community Relations Manager for The Salvation Army in Anaheim. I'll be working to increase donations which fund charity relief efforts including the Adult Rehabilitation Center, aiding those in need to rebuild their lives, live rent free while they get counseling and work training, and all of the other great efforts through the Salvation Army. Orange County friends: if you have ideas for donation drive locations or events, please contact me!  I'll be staying on at AM 830 for occasional shifts, and have loved the past 4 years!

Best of the SportsLODGE including:

  • 2nd grade math is something that can be taught
  • Ronaldinho drinking Pepsi
  • Stockton Ports mascot dodging by Danny
  • Creedence Clearwater's 3 chords, and "Lodi"
  • Bono is a  hack, and more... enjoy!

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"Angie" covered by Roger Lodge and more:

  • Reeves Nelson - the next Matt Barnes?
  • Roger singing "Angie" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Rolling Stones gig
  • Tim Duncan
  • Steve Nash and short hair
  • Lebron James
  • John Stockton would shut down team USA on defense
  • and a lot more...
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Happy Slurpee Day! Some clips from The Sports Lodge including:

  • Bryce Harper dropping the Ball
  • How boring Philip Phillips was before the All-Star Game
  • Mike Trout
  • Talking to ladies
  • pauses in radio
  • and a lot more... enjoy!
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Six time Tour De France Champion Lance Armstrong cheated death, but is he a cheater?  500 plus tests have shown no guilt on Lance Armstrong.  Can we still have heroes? Must they only be those who have left this earth? We get into the debate and conversation about the allegations against Lance Armstrong, who apparently has 10 ex-team mates ready to testify against him.  Do we need to know? Roger thinks so. What do you think? Here's our conversation from July 9th, 2012. Let me know at @DannyHauger on Twitter.

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Brad Stein of "The Slant" podcast and Oregon Sports News interviews Danny Hauger about:

  • Roger Lodge, Blind Date, and the Sports Lodge on AM 830 KLAA
  • Being a Sacramento Kings fan in Southern California (and Robert Horry)
  • Working Play-by-Play for Golden West College and Cal State Fullerton
  • Voice Over work (a recent cartoon project)
  • DHX Music and Chasing the Golden Age
  • My interview with Tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam (Listen here!)
  • Starting a career in Stockton, California (Stockton Ports, 1420 KSTN)
  • And more...

Thanks to Brad (Not Ben) for taking the time to talk!  Follow Ben Stein on Twitter.

How many adjectives can you come up with? Thanks for listening, from July 5th, 2012.  like the Steve Nash deal, you'll hear about that and more in today's podcast - covering the Lakers, Cal Ripken, Joey Chestnut's 68 hot dogs, and more...

Congrats to the Angels All-Stars!

Mike Trout is the marquee announcement this week in his rookie year. Trout wasn't even on the fan ballot when the year began as he played in the minors. Now, Mike Trout is the youngest player in Angels history and the seventh-youngest position player in American League history to be named an All-Star.

The five-tool Trout outfielder was one of four Angels players selected for next week's Midsummer Classic in Kansas City when rosters were unveiled via the MLB All-Star Selection Show Sunday. Joining him as a reserve on the American League roster, managed by Rangers skipper Ron Washington, will be outfielder Mark Trumbo, along with pitchers Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson.

"It's awesome getting picked," the 20-year-old Trout said. "I'm getting chills thinking about it right now. Getting to represent the Angels, having Trumbo make it and C.J. and Weave, it's great", Trout told Alden Gonzalez this week.

We watch with high expectations for Mike Trout from Angels Radio AM 830 to see what unfolds as the young star continues to gain attention for his hard work and tremendous skill set. Congrats Mike!