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Courtesy www.mediadanny,com enjoy one of my favorite original tunes about love and loss from the album Chasing the Golden Age. A singer/songwriter piece from Danny Hauger and www.mediadanny.com where I produce my work for free, and for hire. Speaking of for hire - everyone needs creative art, it drives our eyes and our emotions, and my friend Miguel Cervantes made this awesome logo for me-

By Miguel Cervantes

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I love this track, it is one of the songs in my library I am most proud of, the concept and memory of leaving in the middle of the night in the Bay Area of California to take a long walk, alone, thinking about your state in life with a cool breeze blowing in from the bay. Take a free listen to "Losing Sleep", if you like it, visit my website for more at www.mediadanny.com thanks for listening!

"Last night took a long walk,

Overwhelming my mind.

Struggling to find faces,

That would rather not see mine.

I've been wandering waiting,

But I've been going nowhere,

Why is it I have something, that no one else will share?

You kept me awake, every night,

I've been losing sleep, every night.

And in my dreams I know, I can't fight."

Lyric excerpts from Losing Sleep

The tune, "Jackson Valley" by Danny Hauger, free to download in mp3, bookmark and enjoy www.mediadanny.com

This instrumental track is another of my favorites from "Chasing the Golden Age", for sale now from your favorite digital outlets!

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One of my favorite instrumentals, "Simplify" for a free Sunday download from the all new website launched, www.mediadanny.com with a streamlined look and new album links. The site also features my broadcast and freelance for hire services, and plenty of archived content including musician interviews and more.

On this Sunday the Angels are hosting the Orioles at Angel Stadium and looking for a series sweep. Hope you're enjoying whatever the baseball in your life is, have a great Sunday everyone!

Connect with me on Twitter atwww.twitter.com/dannyhauger

To further commemorate the launching of www.mediadanny.com I have re-uploaded a chat I had with Ryan Miller from the amazing band Guster! Ryan was generous with his time discussing band origins, evolution of the group, and the blending of styles that have kept fans coming back for more over the years. The band is touring again currently on an acoustic set which should not be missed. I thank Ryan for his time and thank you for listening.

To celebrate the launch of the new Danny Hauger website, www.mediadanny.com I have re-launched my favorite 2012 interview with tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam fame! Honestly one of my favorite voices of all time, Tim Kitzrow, the voice over and announcer hero from NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, and dozens more video games from the arcade and home consoles. Tim recently has re-released his "on fire" audio specialties with thousands of brilliant lines in the new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition that is downloadable on your next-generation system at home. From MLB Slugfest through NFL Blitz & NBA Jam, few people have been more notable voices in sports entertainment, and it is a pleasure to bring you this interview courtesy of Tim Kitzrow.

P.S. video game lovers - NFL BLitz was the top selling game for PSN in January, and that Jam "On fire edition" was the top game in it's release month back in October/November. Plus, a preview of the new NBA jam rap coming out! Check out his Boomshakalaka Facebook page!

Some questions include:

-Tell us about the genesis of NBA JAM with Mark Turmel in Chicago. -What game do you prefer playing? Modern graphics and high definition, or the logoless jerseys and squeaking court shoes of the original? - You have over 20 credits to your name, aside from NBA Jam, what are you most proud of? -What was your writing process like? -favorite NBA player all-time -Favorite NBA team all-time -Who excites you in the modern NBA game? -If you could take the experience lines of three resumes from any people, who would you choose? -What would you tell yourself at age 24 if you could speak to yourself now?

Tim took time to visit with me on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, to talk the genesis of NBA Jam with Mark Turmel, the recording process, writing for video games, and the classics we grew up with and continue to enjoy today. With that - the Boomshakalaka man himself, Tim Kitzrow.

"How Long" written by Danny Hauger, performed by Danny and Tae Kim, a folk / acoustic / singer-songwriter tune that is previously unreleased and recorded in Fullerton, CA in 2012. Rough Draft v1.2. Happy Opening Baseball Day everyone! Enjoy this track and follow @DHXmusic for more, website at www.mediadanny.com

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